Waking Gods Page 73

The General could wear it.

[The General is slightly inebriated.]

{I heard that, Couture!}

[Sorry, sir. I meant to say you’re drunk as a skunk.]

{It’s that damn champagne. Why can’t I get a real drink? And why is it so dark in here? I can barely see my glass!}

That’s the other thing I wanted to ask about. Why am I the only one drinking juice?

[So you can do the recording. Oh, that and you’re ten.]

Come on, Vincent! I just kicked some giant robot’s ass. I just want one glass of champagne.

[Technically, Rose kicked his ass—]

Thank you, Dr. Franklin.

I’m not sure I—

Ok, then, Rose. How does it feel?

No, I meant you were right. Your plan worked.

{Show the aliens we could be just as tough without them messing with our DNA, by shooting some green goo full of bacteria out of a keg—}

What are you saying, General?

{I’m saying…What was I saying?}

Is that right, General?

{Not a chance in hell.}

Haha! What about you, Vincent? Did you think it would work?

[Me? I—]

[No, Rose! I understood the logic behind it. I just wasn’t sure that, even if the bacteria worked, the aliens were gonna get the right message.]

How can you say that, Dr. Franklin? They left, didn’t they?

Why else would they have left?

{Because Dr. Franklin sprayed them with some goddamn goo!}

[General, maybe you should try some of Eva’s juice.]

It’s apple juice.

{Shut up, Couture! That’s an order!}

Seriously, Rose. Why else would they leave?


[I don’t know! I think, maybe, they could have been scared by the bacteria. What if all their robots, their ships, maybe their homes, are made using the same technology. Imagine for a second what would happen if some of that bacteria made it to their world.]


What was that?

[I can’t remember what I was saying. Did the light just get brighter?]


[I think Themis just powered up.]

Can she do that?

{I don’t know! I’ve never been in this damn robot of yours.}


[The console is lit up. Eva, get up there and put your helmet on.]

Sure. But we’re in a garage! What do you expect me to see?

[I don’t know, Eva. It’s just a hunch.]

I’m putting it on. I…I don’t think—

[What is it, Eva?]

{Goddammit, kid! What do you see?}

Guys? I don’t think we’re on Earth anymore…

 To Barbara and Han Solo.

Look, Bara, you’re my rock, my everything, but Han died! You don’t mind sharing, do you?