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Why is he so angry? She wanted to ask but she didn’t dare as he lowered himself to the floor and gripped her ankles, pushed them up and forced her legs apart.

“Don’t look at me,” he ordered harshly. “Keep your legs spread and stay still.”

Her heart pounded in her chest as she turned her face away to stare at the cleansing unit. She had no clue regarding the source of what had angered him so deeply but she didn’t care as he lowered his face between her thighs, released her ankles, and used his hands to spread her open to his mouth, which zoned in on her clit. His tongue rapidly licked at her in long strokes, over and over, and pleasure tore through her as she moved her hands and gripped her legs just under the knees to hold them apart and up.

His lips sealed over the swelling bud and he applied more pressure with that amazing tongue and wiggled it against the most sensitive part of her body. Megan clenched her teeth against the moans that wanted to tear free at the pure ecstasy that shot up her body straight to her brain. He had a merciless mouth as he continued to manipulate her cl*t in fast, even strokes, and didn’t stop until she cl**axed hard. She cried out, unable to stop herself. She threw her head back as her back arched, the action pressing her pu**y tighter against his face.

She panted hard when she gained control of her thoughts, her heavy breathing the only sound in the room. She didn’t dare look at Ice but wondered if he would finally realize she had to be human. He suddenly released her with his mouth and let go of her inner thighs were he’d gripped her to keep her open to him. Big hands slid to her h*ps and then she gasped again as he lifted her a few inches from the bed and rolled her over.

The bedding slid against her stomach and oversensitive br**sts as he jerked her toward him until her knees hit the floor. She winced from the shock of the fast motion and the pain of having her kneecaps slam into something unforgiving. His knee pressed between her thighs, spreading them, and his hands gripped her h*ps again, lifting her a few inches higher where he pinned her against the bed. He entered her without warning as his thick, hard c**k stretched her pu**y.

How can he recover that fast? She didn’t care anymore how he did it as he started to move, pumping in and out of her slowly, creating a new kind of pleasure. She discovered heaven and hell as Ice f**ked her. It amazed her that his big body contained so much powerful strength yet he wasn’t hurting her, riding a fine line of aggression but not pain. Just the opposite of pain, in fact, and somehow the pleasure he gave her became more intense for her this time, as if his c**k had swelled bigger and harder than the last time he’d been inside her.

Her mind barely functioned but the reason for the difference in feeling sank into her brain as they moved together. He hadn’t put on a medicondom this time.

“I could f**k you for hours,” he rasped. “So damn hot and tight, Megan. So damn treacherous, aren’t you, baby?”

What does that mean? She attempted to turn her head to look at him over her shoulder but his hand released her hip. He gripped her at the back of her neck, gently pushing her face down against the mattress so her cheek pressed into it. Ice started to f**k her harder and faster, his powerful body forcing her to take more of his cock.

Rapture tore through her as his h*ps slammed against her ass, making a slapping sound, and she didn’t want to think anymore.

“Oh God,” she moaned as the friction between them became so intense she didn’t think she could take much more of it.

He didn’t slow the pace but he released her neck. “Stay just the way you are. Don’t move.”

His hand returned to her hip and then slid to her stomach before it inched lower until the side of his thumb pressed against her clit. With her bent over, the wetness of her arousal and excitement coated his hand. With every drive of his hips, it pressed her cl*t against his thick digit. He pounded into her at a slightly different angle and Megan’s pu**y clenched around his driving cock. Within a minute she cried out as ecstasy tore through her body.

“Fuck,” he roared and suddenly jerked out of her body.

It shocked her to have him withdraw from her pu**y so suddenly and she wanted to scream out in protest as her vaginal walls twitched around…nothing. The cl**ax had been intense but now that he’d left her body, it wasn’t as strong. Frustration welled inside her. Wet heat spread across her inner thighs and it took her a few seconds to understand the source.

Their combined heavy breathing seemed magnified in the otherwise quiet room.

Dread spread through Megan as she started to add up the facts she knew. Ice never used medicondoms with the bots on Folion but he’d used one with her the first time they’d had sex. He had just f**ked her without one but he’d pulled out so he didn’t come inside her, instead splashing her thighs with his release. The only reasons for his actions would be to prevent a pregnancy or to avoid catching a disease, two things artificial women never had issues with.

The color drained from her face. He must know she wasn’t what she pretended to be, but if that were the case, why hadn’t he confronted her? She wondered if she should just be honest with him since she suspected that he already knew the truth.

Ice slowly released her. “I’m tired. I’ve been up for a hell of a long time.” He put space between them. “Do you need to recharge?”

So much for him knowing the truth, she thought, mentally split in half with relief and dread. She turned her head to stare at him over her shoulder. He kept his back to her though as he used his discarded shirt to wipe his cock. He flipped it to a clean side, moved forward, and cleaned her by rubbing her thighs before he pitched the cloth to the floor. Their gazes met.

“I’m fine.”

Her courage fled as he gave her a cold look. She wasn’t sure what else to say and now she faced another problem she hadn’t thought about before she’d put herself into this stupid situation. If he was going to bed then what was she supposed to do? Exhaustion tugged at her but bots didn’t need beds. They just stood when they weren’t in use. No way could she sleep standing.

“I sleep very deeply. Don’t be alarmed if I don’t wake up easily. I just wanted to warn you. When I’m out, I’m really nonresponsive.”


He blinked, watching her with that intense gaze. “You may rest on the bed with me.”

That solved one problem for her but opened up more. She sometimes snored when she became overly tired and she was definitely wiped out. Then again, he’d just said he slept heavily. Maybe it wouldn’t wake him. Megan stayed silent as he moved forward, closing the distance between them.

“Get on the bed near the wall. I always take the outside. It will be a tight fit but I wouldn’t sleep easy knowing you were just standing somewhere watching me. I want you to face the wall on your side and keep your eyes closed.”

He made her suspicious again but then he’d tossed out the question of her recharging. The contradictions were driving her batty. She pulled back his covers then realized she probably should have purposely attempted to spread out on the cover just to appear dumber but she’d already done it. She scooted under his bedding to the wall and in seconds his large, naked, hot body pressed against hers.

She closed her eyes and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. Her ass was snug against the side of his hip and her back rested against his ribs as he sprawled beside her. He shifted, spreading his arms above her head and folding them behind his neck.

“Lights off,” he ordered the room computer.

Megan lay there until she realized Ice’s breathing had slowed and a soft snore came from him almost immediately. She relaxed completely when she was sure he slept.

Chapter Four

Ice was tense even though he forced his body to remain lax. He made soft noises to fool Megan into believing he slept deeply. If she wanted to harm him, he’d set up the perfect situation for her to attempt it. He lay na**d on a small bed with her, skin to skin, and he’d purposely led her to believe he shut down so he wouldn’t be aware of his surroundings.

Megan moved slightly, adjusting on the mattress, and Ice turned on the camera in his quarters, using his remote uplink. The feed ran live in his mind so he could see her in the dark with his eyes closed after he’d turned on the night vision feature on the hidden device above his bed. Her eyes glowed, showing him they were open, staring at the wall she faced as she cautiously moved again.

“Do you believe she will strike now?” Onyx’s voice streamed directly into the implant inside Ice’s ear. “I’m monitoring from my quarters. If she gets the drop on you I can be there in seconds.”

“I believe I can handle her,” Ice replied, using his thoughts, which the com would translate into words. “You don’t need to watch this. Why did you hack into the camera feed?”

“You aren’t acting rationally about the human and she is obviously distracting you since you didn’t even detect me here. I could have been anyone aboard ship. You were so focused on the female you permitted the hack. You should have confronted her the second you realized she decoyed a sex bot but instead you’ve allowed it to continue. It would have been more effective if you’d interrogated her instead of pretending to not know of her deception.”

“I said I would handle this.” Ice wondered if his irritation got across to his friend and fellow cyborg. He monitored his breathing to keep it slow and steady while he continued to make soft snoring sounds. “Disconnect the feed you’ve established.”

“I won’t risk your life even if you’re willing to. I am aware that you’ve gone far too long on your wake cycle so I will monitor while you rest. So far she isn’t attacking.”

Ice considered the offer, wary of pushing back his exhaustion. He’d had two work cycles back to back and then gone straight to Folion when they’d docked as his last shift ended. He detested his perceived weakness at the moment but his physical limitations were showing after all those hours awake. He hadn’t realized he’d been hacked, which was proof he wasn’t at a hundred-percent efficiency.

“I have your back.” Onyx chuckled. “I sure don’t want your front since you believe sex with you is torture.”

“Your humor is not appreciated right at this moment.” Ice smiled though, knowing the other cyborg would see it on the camera feed. “Fine. You may monitor but don’t ever hack into my living space again without permission.”

“Perhaps I’m curious to see what you and the human do. I could give you pointers on how you are ha**ng s*x incorrectly.”

“When we are training, I’m going to hit you a little harder than normal for that remark.”

Onyx laughed again. “I don’t know. You’re being irrational and showing weakness at the moment. Perhaps it will extend into your fighting skills.”

“I wouldn’t place a bet on that, friend.”

“Rest. I will watch the human to make certain that she doesn’t kill you in your sleep. Leave the link active so I can warn you if she―”

“Is moving,” Ice broke in. “I’m on alert.”

* * * * * Megan thought Ice was finally asleep. She carefully rolled over to face him. He was really warm and obviously out of it. She hoped he hadn’t been understating how deeply he slept, but when she rolled, his snoring didn’t change. She hesitated and then slid her palm on his bare stomach. She loved the feel of his smooth skin and the muscles that lurked just beneath.

“Computer, lights on dimmest setting,” she whispered.

She didn’t really expect the computer to do it since Ice had probably locked even those simple controls from her. It surprised her as a dim light came on above so she could barely make out Ice’s features.

He was damn handsome and in sleep he appeared younger, softer somehow, and even sexier. Moving carefully she used her elbow to prop her head up as her hand caressed his stomach. She could touch him all she wanted when he wasn’t aware of her intense interest. Her gaze lingered on the faint tattoos on his upper left arm, near his shoulder, just inches from her face. They appeared to be symbols, maybe a strange foreign language that she couldn’t identify. She wished she could ask him if they had meaning or if he just liked the sexy pattern they made across his skin but a bot wouldn’t be curious about that.

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