Taunting Krell Page 33

“Yes. I just hope they are attractive. You’ll be looking at them for a very long time because you’re stuck with me for good. I kind of heal fast and hope tattoos take.”

“Our bodies take them and so will yours. We use magnetic ink placed under the skin to manipulate the exact patterns we wish. Your skin will tolerate it and the wraps we use will hold it in place while you heal to keep the pattern. The cyborg written language is beautiful to view. I’ll have some of the males show you before it is done so you may see it. I’ll write out my name to show you what ours will be, exactly.”

“Awesome but I’m sure I’ll love it. I really don’t want a bunch of guys stripping off their shirts in front of me. I’m content to just admire yours once we get them done.”

He chuckled. “Awesome.”

Cyan laughed. “You know, I’m totally going to be a bad influence on you. You’re already picking up my colorful sayings.”

“I look forward to it.”

“Now can we have sex?” She gripped his shoulders, trying to tug him down. “I want you.”

He lowered his chest but instead of kissing her, he stared into her eyes. “I have one more request. You don’t have to answer now but I’d appreciate your consideration.”

“Okay. What is it?”

He hesitated.

“Just spill it.”

“I assume that means you want me to just say what is on my mind.”

“Yes.” She grinned. “You know what I’m thinking about. Your pants are still on though.”

“I would enjoy having a child with you at a future date.”

That shocked her.

“I realize there is no need, Mavo had one for me in accordance to cyborg law, but I would hope you would at least consider it. I gave up wanting a lot of things but you make me dream for more. I want to experience everything with you, Cyan. I want to live with you in every way possible, become a true family, and to create a life with you would be amazing.”

He’s perfect, she admitted, as tears filled her eyes. She blinked them back.

“I’m sorry. I’ve upset you and that wasn’t my intention.”

“It’s not that. I used to dream about having kids. Every little girl does but I was diagnosed with my illness when I was still playing with dolls. I lost all hope of ever becoming a mother and I figured it would be too dangerous to ever try to have one after my body was switched out. My life was unstable with having to dump identities every fifteen or so years. I didn’t want to drag a kid into that mess and being a single parent in the military would have meant I couldn’t raise my own child.”

“You no longer have to hide who you are and you’ve got a home now with me. Your dreams can come true too. We can do it together, accomplish anything we wish, and we have a long life ahead of us to share.”

She closed her eyes.

“Cyan? You can think about this later.”

“Hang on.”

He adjusted, lifting up, and gripped her borrowed shirt, tugging it up. Her eyes opened and she arched her back, helping him take it off. He rolled off her, unfastened his pants and kicked at his boots to get them off. Cyan laughed, sat up, and helped him strip. Krell stood, reached down and hauled her to her feet.

“The bed would be more comfortable.”

She met his gaze. “I turned it off.”

“Turned what off?” He wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing him into his embrace and surprised her by lifting her up. He walked them both to the bed, turned and sat, putting her on his lap, facing him.

“My implant. You know, the one that controls my ovaries so I don’t ovulate. It might take a while to get pregnant but that means we’ll need to try often.” She grinned. “A lot. All the time.” She leaned closer until she trapped his stiff c**k between their bellies, her lips brushing his. “You definitely feel up for it.”

A soft growl rumbled from the back of his throat. “I’m your male.”

“Yes, you are. I’m your female, who really wants you, baby. Make me happy.”

“That’s my main priority and I aim to please you.”

He kissed her, his arms wrapped around her, and pulled her against him tighter. Cyan moaned, using her fingernails to rake his skin. She loved to touch him, just loved everything about him.

He slid his hands down to cup her ass, urged her to lift up, and she did it, breaking the kiss. Their gazes held as she reached between them, gripped the shaft of his c**k and stroked him.

“Take me, Cyan.”

She wiggled her pu**y over the crown of his cock, rubbed back and forth just enough to spike their desire a little higher. She moaned. “Your job is to please me but my job is going to be taunting you a little. You made me wait. It’s only fair.”

A growl tore from his throat and he surprised her by suddenly rolling them over. He pinned her under him and began to enter her body slowly. “I never promised to be fair.” He winked. “I promised to love and cherish you. I plan to do that now.”

She would have laughed but Krell took possession of her mouth, kissing her until she couldn’t think.

Joy and happiness filled Krell. Cyan was his to keep and love. A little guilt ate at him for not informing her about the status of his inactive sperm but he’d tell her later, after he made a quick trip to Medical to get the shot that would make it viable. Her fingernails digging into his skin drove his passion higher and the guilt fled to be replaced by pure need.

She’d forgive him for waiting to tell her, guessing she’d be angrier if he pulled away from her body, and no way was he about to do that. Not even an invasion of their planet would drag him away from her before he made love to his Cyan.

He broke the kiss, the desire to watch her lovely features a need he refused to ignore. Passion-kissed lips gasped when he lifted up to stare at her. He rolled his hips, finding the spot that made her cry out his name, and his c**k hammered her.

Her vaginal muscles clenched around him. The sensation made his balls draw up tight and he fought back the cl**ax that threatened. Not without her. That promise kept his passion in check.


Her pleading tone told him what she needed. He shifted his body just enough to brace his weight on one arm and slide his hand between their bodies. He pressed his thumb to her clit. Her eyes narrowed, her moans grew louder and he rubbed the bundle of nerves that would help her come. He f**ked her faster, drove into her deeper and the muscles gripping his c**k tightened even more.

Heaven, he decided. That should be Cyan’s name. Her fingernails clawed at his back, the bite of pain sending him into a haze of bliss while torturing him at the same time. He knew he couldn’t hold back any longer but he didn’t need to. Cyan threw her head back, screamed his name, and her pu**y seized as she hit the pinnacle of her pleasure.

Krell roared out, ecstasy blinding him, and emptied his seed deep into her hot, tight body, pinned under his. He shivered, jerked his hand from between them, and rolled over, dragging her with him. She sprawled over his chest and he hugged her tightly.

I’ll never let her go. This is where she belongs. With me.