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“Cyan,” he snarled.

“Do you know what this is?”

He glanced at it. “No. We acquired some weapons recently from pirates who chose to attack the Vontage. They stole them from humans and we haven’t tested that particular weapon yet, to my knowledge.”

“Meet my old best friend. It’s not my first choice but it will do. Move.”

“We don’t want to kill them.”

“I heard you. Why aren’t you using these? Do you have more? Find them and do something useful besides annoying me.” She darted around him and ran for the line of cyborgs on the ground nearest her. She ignored Krell yelling her name.

She found a hole and dived between the cyborgs. The unforgiving ground made her wince when she landed on her belly. It was rough, hard and uncomfortable. She ignored the shocked cyborgs next to her as she set up the miclo’s legs to make it a ground weapon and opened up the shell box, loading it quickly.

“What are you doing?”

She didn’t glance at the cyborg to her right. “The enemy makes noise. This makes a louder one. Pass the word to cover your ears and do it fast.”

The creature waited for the smoke and fire to clear before it began advancing. Cyan’s hands shook slightly as she adjusted the sights on the gun and targeted the thing center-mass in the chest. She ignored the trembling ground as the big thing advanced, picking up speed as it ran at them. It would hurt the thing like a son of a bitch but it wouldn’t kill it. She fired, released the weapon once it launched the shell and grabbed her ears.

“Fire in the hole!” she yelled, hoping the cyborgs heard her.

She kept her attention on the shell, a white ball the size of a flattened baseball on the back side with a point on the front side to help it fly through the air with accuracy, and her keen eyes tracked it until it hit the beast. The thing staggered back, opened its jaws, and the shell ruptured from the impact. It wasn’t as pretty as a grenade, no smoke or flames, but the sound was earsplitting, resembling a crack of thunder going off really close. The beast fell back, lay there and didn’t move.

“You killed it,” someone gasped.

“No.” She shook her head. “I stunned it. Look at the right claw. It’s just going to have a bruise from hell from the impact and a lasting headache.” She reloaded another shell and was careful not to touch the still-hot barrel. “Meet the miclo twelve. It stands for something longwinded but we just dubbed them microphone louds or crowd busters. You set one of these babies off and everyone runs once they can get up after the splitting headache after having your bell rung through your eardrums. Anything within two hundred yards of impact is hit with intense sonic waves.”

The beast on the ground kicked its legs and slowly rolled over to crawl for the trees. Another one tried to enter the clearing and Cyan targeted it. She took aim and fired, covered her ears, and this time watched the cyborgs around her.

“Fire in the hole!” she yelled in warning.

The men grabbed their ears. She smiled, not glancing at the beast, but instead at their reactions when the shell hit the thing. The loud noise made some of the men wince and she finally glanced at the beast she’d targeted. It was down and not moving. The cyborg next to her shoved up to his feet.

“Get more of those weapons if we have them!”

“You’re welcome,” Cyan muttered, releasing her ears and reloading another shell.

Someone grabbed her belt and rudely hoisted her to her feet. An arm wrapped around her belly and she grunted when she hung in the air. Krell adjusted his hold on her, turning her to face him. He appeared furious when their gazes met.

“They have it. Let’s go.”

“Put me down!”

“No.” He got in her face. He kept her off the ground, in his arms, locked tightly in his embrace. “Enough. You’ve made your point and put yourself in danger.”

She gripped his shoulders and her nose nearly brushed his. “I can help.”

“I don’t want you to.”

It hurt her feelings. “You have weapons you didn’t even know what to do with. You might not want my help but you need it. If you own Earth weapons, you should know what the hell they are and learn how they work.”

He growled at her.

She itched to slap him just for manhandling her. She could force him to put her down but she’d have to inflict serious damage. She didn’t want to do that, not to him. Instead her fingers tightened on the curve of his shoulders.

“You could have been killed if that stunt hadn’t worked. It was running at you.” He breathed heavily and his blue eyes appeared black from anger. “I would have watched you be trampled. That’s what they do. They smash anything in their path, throw it or batter it to death.”

His words made some of her anger recede. He was genuinely scared for her safety. He showed it by appearing extremely livid but she’d seen men worry about her before and he had it bad. Some guys channeled their fear into raw rage and Krell obviously happened to be one of them.

“I’m fine.” She eased her grip on him and rubbed his tense muscles instead.

“Fire in the hole,” a male yelled as a miclo fired.

Cyan grabbed Krell’s ears to cover them instead of her own since both of his arms were around her waist holding her body against him and buried her face in the crook of his neck. One of her ears pressed against his throat and the other tight to her inner arm. The loud noise was muted enough not to hurt when it came.

His body tensed and he turned quickly and headed toward the Bridden. She released his ears and lifted her head. He didn’t look at her, instead watched where they were going, and she didn’t fight to be put down. The cyborgs had the weapons to use against the oncoming beast things. She’d helped and that was all that really mattered.

“I’m a soldier, Krell.”

He glanced at her, his mouth set in a grim line, and he swallowed hard enough that the scars on his throat flexed from his bobbing Adam’s apple. “Not anymore. You’re mine to protect and I will even if that means I have to restrain you to a bed to keep you safe.”

She licked her lips. “It sounds kinky.”

He glanced at her again, growled deep in his throat, and kept advancing toward the shuttle at a quick pace. Cyan lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist since he seemed hell bent on carrying her. It made it easier for him to do and her legs weren’t bumping against his. She felt his hard-on instantly and grinned. Either danger gave him wood or his thoughts were going where hers had at his threat of how to keep her out of trouble.

Every step he took ground his c**k against her pu**y and by the time he reached the cargo area of the Bridden she was turned-on too. Danger always made her heart race, firing guns was exciting and the high of adrenaline was a pure rush. The fact that the sexy cyborg was being so forceful also pushed her arousal buttons. So few men ever attempted it with her and he did it so well.

He stomped through the cargo room into the corridor and his arm left her waist to open the stateroom door. It closed behind him and she gasped when Krell spun to press her back against the bulkhead, pinning her between the solid wall and his firm body. Their gazes met.

“I am furious.”

Cyan lunged for his mouth, surprising him enough that his lips parted as he gasped and she had her in. Her tongue delved inside, her hands slid into his constrained hair and she wished it were free. She’d love to fist handfuls of the silky strands. She kissed him for all she was worth and was overjoyed when he responded with equal passion.

She burned with desire, wished they were na**d and that he was already inside her as his h*ps ground against her pelvis. His c**k was trapped inside his pants but he still rubbed against the inner seam of her pants to tease her clit. Krell took control of the kiss, not something that surprised her since he liked to be in charge in the bedroom.

He turned, pulled her away from the wall, and walked a few steps until he bumped into something. They fell, his arms left her and he braced his weight to avoid crushing her when they hit the bed with her under him. The soft mattress cushioned her fall.

Cyan tore her mouth from his. “Get naked.”

The blue of his eyes seemed to show that his anger faded while he stared at her. He licked his lips. She followed the movement of his tongue and regretted they weren’t still kissing. The guy knew how to curl her toes.

“Don’t make me beg. I’ve mentioned it’s not pretty.”

“I would wager it’s extremely sexy.”

His words made her smile. “Lift off me.”

He hesitated but did it, pushed away from her, and she released him to allow their bodies to separate. He backed up and stood at the end of the bed. Cyan grabbed her shirt, tugging at it, and sat up. She tore her shirt over her head, removed her sports bra next and nudged him with her boot.

“Back up a little more.”

He breathed heavily, was turned-on, and his pants revealed his c**k stretching out the front of them. He took a few steps away and she bent, tore at her boots and just dropped them on the floor. She stood, removed her belt with her weapons still inside their holsters, and unfastened her pants, shoving them down quickly. Her gaze lifted as she stepped close to him, completely naked, her hands going for his tank top.

“Raise your arms.”

He growled at her. “I don’t take orders well.”

“Please?” She fluttered her eyelashes at him playfully and grinned. “Raise your arms.”

He lifted them and she tore his shirt up to reveal his sexy torso, the scars on his chest, and her mouth latched onto a nipple. His body tensed, swayed in response, and he helped her shove his shirt off when her arms couldn’t take it any higher up his tall frame. It fell to the floor somewhere. Her hands dropped to the front of his pants, frantically tearing them open.

“Slow down,” Krell rasped.

She sucked hard on him, her teeth lightly nipped at the taut peak, and his hands gripped her h*ps in response. She pulled her mouth off and took a step back to lower his pants. She wasn’t going to mess with his boots or even remove the damn things. She wanted him now.

She freed his cock, a beautiful, impressive sight of firm flesh that she wanted buried deep inside her body as fast as possible, but Krell had thought seeing her beg would be sexy. She didn’t want to disappoint. She wasn’t one to beg but she could compromise as she gripped his bare hips, slid her hands to push the pants down his thighs and dropped to her knees before him. Her fingernails lightly scored his skin as she slid them toward the front of his hips, wrapped one hand around the thick base of his shaft and lifted her chin to peer up at him.

Krell had dropped his chin, his eyes narrowed as he watched her intensely and he appeared a little flushed from excitement, making his features a dusky hue. His chest rose and fell rapidly, his breathing increased and she didn’t look away as she opened her mouth to run her tongue over her lips.

“What are you doing?” His husky confusion was sexy.

“What does it look like?”

He frowned. “Examining me? I’m healthy.”

Her mind reeled and shock hit her hard. “Krell, honey, has anyone ever gone down on you before?” It can’t be. No way!

He said nothing but his features closed down. All expression faded and she was pretty sure she had her answer. “Damn cyborg women. I need to have a talk with them. I guess when you have your pick of men clamoring for your attention you get to be pretty selfish in the sack. They are missing out.”

She licked her lips again, opened her jaw wider and glanced at his cock. She inched closer. He was big, thick, but she was willing to try to fit him inside her mouth. She licked the crown, running her tongue around the rim, and heard him hiss. She resisted the grin that threatened to surface and wrapped her lips around him. Her mouth tightened, careful of her teeth, and she began to slowly move on him, taking a few inches inside.

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