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Krell growled low at her, a sexy sound. “Turn around.”

She couldn’t disobey that raspy command and didn’t want to. His hand slid out of her pants as she gave him her back but he touched her again when he tugged her panties and pants down to her thighs. She heard him opening his pants and turned her head to watch. He just opened them enough to shove them down his h*ps to release his thick c**k and spread his legs. He leaned against the wall and lowered his body by bending his knees so their h*ps were level before he anchored an arm around her waist.

“Bend for me.”

She normally wasn’t the submissive type, enjoying being the one in control, but Krell wasn’t just any other man. She licked her lips and leaned forward, certain that with his strength he wouldn’t allow her to fall over. She closed her eyes and let her head drop forward as he nudged her with the broad crown of his cock. He entered her with a low hiss and she gasped at the sheer ecstasy of him sinking into her slowly, every inch steel-hard and wonderful.

“Now lean up against me.”

Cyan straightened until her back was pressed against his front. He thrust upward, driving into her deeply, and she moaned louder. She turned her head and reached back to grip his warm, bare hips. He stayed there, buried deep inside her pu**y, the snug fit perfect.

“You are heavenly,” he groaned softly. “You don’t know what you do to me.”

“I have a good feeling it’s the same that you do for me. Don’t torment me.”

His other hand wrapped around her and cupped her pu**y from the front, found her clit, and he used his finger to rub against it. He withdrew a little and thrust back up into her. The force lifted her up onto her toes. She clamped her lips together, trying to hold back crying out his name.

“I’ve got you,” he promised.

He moved slowly at first, nearly withdrawing from her body, to slide in deep. Cyan closed her eyes, just reveling in the feel of his c**k and fingers manipulating her desire. She wished they were na**d and she were facing him. She wanted to go skin to skin with him, her aching br**sts longing to rub against him just to be touched, but he kept her firmly in front of him, facing away.

“So tight and hot,” he growled. “Don’t play with other males.”

She tried to think but he suddenly increased his pace, powering in and out of her rapidly, the friction of his c**k and his finger too intense to do anything but feel. She burned to come, ached to find release.

“I’m the one who can give you pleasure. Me.”

Hell yes! He f**ked her harder, driving her up on tiptoe with each ram of his h*ps against her ass that sank him into her pu**y so deep she felt nearly impaled on his shaft in the best way possible. No one had ever taken her this way, this hard, and it was amazing. His finger pressed tighter against her cl*t and he wiggled it frantically against her nerve endings.

She clawed at his hips, panted and tried to remember to keep the noise level down. The shuttle wasn’t very big and they weren’t far from the other cyborgs. The bulkheads and the engines would mute some of the sound but they had enhanced hearing. She didn’t care if anyone knew what they were doing but Krell might. He was on duty and she didn’t want to get him into trouble for breaking any ethics codes while on the job.

“Say it,” he rasped.

Say what? She fought to think, too far gone to be sure she hadn’t missed something he’d said while she was in her haze of pleasure. She wanted to give him anything he wanted to make sure he didn’t stop. She was so close to coming. Her lack of response seemed to irritate him or make him mad as he pounded into her harder, f**king her more rapidly, and sheer rapture drove everything from her mind. There was only Krell, his finger strumming her cl*t in perfect harmony with his driving cock.

The cl**ax struck brutally, tearing through her belly and shooting straight to her brain. She couldn’t even breathe when it hit, nearly passed out from it, and when she did suck in air to her starving lungs, a big hand clamped over her mouth as she cried out.

Krell dropped his head to her shoulder, pressed his mouth against her shirt, and bit down into the material as his body seized behind her. Every muscle seemed to tense until she felt as if she were leaning against stone instead of a person. He roared out loudly, the sound barely muffled, and she felt each shiver and shake of his body as he emptied his se**n deep inside her. The warmth of his cum was a welcome feeling.

His teeth released her. She vaguely realized she’d have a bruise but it didn’t matter. Nothing did as the afterglow of sex made her sag in his arms. His hand released her mouth, dropped to wrap around her chest, and he held her tightly against his body as his started to relax behind her until they were two panting people locked in an embrace.

Time lost meaning but she knew he held her far longer than it took him to recover. She didn’t pull out of his hold, not wanting it to end. He was still connected to her, his c**k only softened slightly inside her pu**y, her muscles still clinging to him in an attempt to hold onto him as long as possible. His arms wrapped around her waist and chest in more of a hug than him pinning her. She liked it.

Her eyes opened and she lifted her chin to stare at his handsome, scarred face. He was breathtaking to her with the slight sheen of sweat on his forehead and the laxness of his full mouth softening his features. His dark blue gaze held hers and she saw tenderness there.

“Never taunt another male,” he ordered her with his soft, raspy voice. “Don’t allow anyone to touch you. I didn’t enjoy watching you sit on his lap with his arms around you. Just deal with me directly if I anger you. Don’t use other males against me.”

She allowed his words to settle into her mind. “You think I accepted his challenge to make you jealous?”

He hesitated. “No. I’m stating a fact. You were given to me. I’m your male for the time being. No other one is to touch you.”

She schooled her features and saw anger flash in his eyes. He’s jealous. She fought the smile that threatened to curve her lips. That warm, happy feeling told her she was in deep shit. She really liked that he felt possessive of her. “I’ll tell you what, Krell…”

His body tensed and his expression hardened, as did the look in his eyes. She realized he expected her to say something that would piss him off. She might have if it were anyone else giving her an order. She wasn’t into men telling her what to do or whom she could touch.

“I’ll only taunt you, okay? Only sit on your lap.” She grinned. “And you can wrap your arms around me any time you want.”

He growled at her in a sexy way, his temper showing. “You’re amused.”

“I’m flattered.” She winked. “You care.”

He muttered under his breath, released his hold on her slowly as he withdrew his still-hard shaft from the depths of her pu**y, and gently nudged her forward to stand on her own. She allowed it and pulled up her pants, turned, and watched him straighten his own clothing. Their gazes met again and held when he was done.

“We need to leave this room. We should be reaching the Vontage soon.”

Her smile spread. He didn’t deny caring about her. “You can trust me.”

He studied her but didn’t say anything. He did however suddenly reach forward and touch the shoulder he’d bitten. His thumb rubbed the tender spot and she glanced down, watching him try to remove any trace of his teeth marks on the material.

“I apologize. Did I hurt you?”

“I like love bites.”

His gaze jerked to hers. “I’ve never done that before.”

“It felt good. I seem to like anything you do to me so far.”

His hand dropped away. “Let’s go. We’ve been gone long enough.”

He turned away from her and opened the door. She was left to follow him back into the passenger section of the shuttle. Four cyborg stares latched onto her.

Chapter Nine

Cyan avoided meeting Gene’s knowing smirk and sat a little closer to Krell. He glanced her way, a look of concern on his features, but she gave him a small smile before looking away. Everyone in the shuttle knew what the two of them had just done. It didn’t matter but she inwardly flinched a little over how unprofessional it appeared.

They were on a mission. It wasn’t really hers, admittedly, since she wasn’t a soldier for the cyborgs or even a real part of their community, but years of service to Earth Government had made her aware of military life. It was a bad move and generally caused mayhem amongst the crew when sex became involved in the equation.

“We’re approaching,” the pilot called out from the front, his deep voice grim. “I’m detecting heavy damage to the Vontage. A shuttle is following, classification unknown, and it’s not something we’ve seen before.”

“May I?” Cyan glanced at Krell for permission. “I know shuttles from Earth.”

He hesitated. “Go, but I’m behind you.”

She quickly stood and strode to the front. The blond cyborg glanced at her before he leaned away from the console to give her a look. She studied the readings and the monitor where he’d enlarged a view of the shuttle chasing the much larger cyborg ship. Shock tore through her at seeing both vessels.

“Holy hell. What is a luxury liner doing out here? No one mentioned that’s what the Vontage is.”

“The shuttle, Cyan,” Krell reminded her where he invaded the space at her back. “I thought you knew your Earth ships.”

“Sorry. It’s just a shock. You don’t see those far from Earth and I don’t keep track of them. That’s a floating hotel and they aren’t exactly a threat I’d ever have to worry about facing in battle.” She fixed on the shuttle and reached for the control to zoom in a little tighter. No one stopped her as she got a better view of it. “Crap. That’s a Genesis Four designation.”

“What is the classification?” The pilot studied her.

“I’d call it an S class.”

“I’ve never heard of that classification.”

“It stands for screwed. How did Barcarintellus get their hands on them?”

“What are they?” Krell leaned closer, brushing her back with his chest, to peer at the image of the sleek ship displayed on the monitor.

“They are military prototypes Earth Government commissioned and the paint shouldn’t even be dry on them yet. They are new, fast and carry heavy firepower.” She bit her lip. “They are playing with that hotel on thrusters. They could have easily taken it out.”

“Dry paint?” The pilot seemed confused.

“It’s a saying. They are new, have only been out a few months, and you have to kiss major ass of someone high-up to get assigned one. That’s another saying. They are rare, expensive, and the waiting list for getting one is anywhere from six to sixteen months. My unit requested one and we were about a year in line before ours is off the production line.” She rubbed her legs. “Give me a minute and let me think.”

“Cyan?” Krell gripped her arm. “How do we take it out? Do you know?”

“Ram it. That’s about the only way and hope when we hit it, there’s something hard on the other side to slam it into.” She glanced at the Vontage, her mind working. She grabbed the control of the viewer again and zoomed in on the larger ship. “There.” She pointed. “See that docking bay for mass supplies? They are designed to deal with older freighters that aren’t known for their finesse or piloting integrity. Those are solid doors built to take some serious damage. It’s easily sealed from inside and it can take a major impact without affecting any of the internal systems.”

“We need a real assessment,” Krell demanded, his voice gruff.

She turned her head to stare up at him. “I’m dead serious. I don’t know any weapons that can pierce the hull of a Genesis Four shuttle and their engines are shielded too heavily under the belly. They aren’t going to expose it for you to fire at them. They know it’s their weakest spot and it maneuvers too well. Did you notice how it doesn’t even have any view ports? It’s for a reason. That baby has no flaws other than it doesn’t handle jolts too well. A massive impact might work to disable it or at least put it out of commission while they do repairs. The harder the outer shell, the more sensitive equipment they put on the inside. The lack of ports made that baby really dependant on computers and hardware to make it fly without being blind.”

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