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“Mouth or fingers?”

She couldn’t understand at first, too distracted by his sexy eyes and the way he lightly teased her. “What?”

“My mouth or my fingers? State your preference.”

“What are you better with?”

His lips curved. “My mouth but I just decided for you. I want to watch your face.”

The damn man was definitely a tease. He also seemed to enjoy playing with her despite his statement about not being into games. His finger applied more pressure and he rubbed up and down on her clit. Cyan moaned, curled her fingers around her legs just below her knees to keep them bent and apart, allowing the pleasure to wash through her as she stared into his blue eyes. The color appeared so cold but not when passion gripped him. They were mesmerizing.

He stopped, she wanted to protest, but the pad of his thumb brushed through her sleek wetness to tease the folds of her pu**y before he pressed it over her clit. He rubbed the sensitive nub again and one finger suddenly entered her pu**y in a rapid thrust. She cried out and her eyes closed. The guy had a thick digit. Big hands.

“Look at me,” he demanded. His thumb stopped caressing and his finger remained deeply embedded inside her pu**y, not moving.

Her eyes opened. He inched a little closer, released her other leg, and placed his free hand on the bed next to her face to brace his upper body. He lowered, bending over her, and she felt his hot c**k brush against her ass. She swallowed and took a deep breath. His face hovered less than a foot over hers.

“You close your eyes and I stop. Keep your legs spread open and wide. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” He was being a control freak but she wasn’t going to protest. She wanted to see what he’d do and her body hurt to come. The finger buried inside her slowly began to move, f**king her, and she moaned. It felt amazing and he seemed to know what he was doing when he found a spot inside her that really ached, giving it special attention.

“You’re so sexy.” His voice came out super deep and raspy.

Cyan had to fight the urge to buck her hips. His thumb pressed down over her cl*t again and began an up-and-down motion that left her panting. She knew she was going to come fast and hard. Her body was too aroused and he knew exactly how to touch her to bring her release fast. The feel of his finger moving inside her only heightened her desire.

Sweat broke out over her body as she fought her instincts to release her knees and grab hold of his shoulders. She wanted to touch him but she didn’t want him to stop. She had a feeling that he really would do it. He was a cyborg and she knew they weren’t typical men. Most guys would be easy to manage. A human guy would be balls deep inside her by now, f**king her with abandon, but Krell kept a tight leash on his control as he watched her.

She was ready to come but he suddenly eased up the press of his thumb and instead tapped her cl*t gently. She whimpered. “Please? Don’t play.”

“I’m not. I just want to make sure you’re at the edge.”

Dread filled her. Would he get up and leave? She’d kill him. If he just meant to take her to the edge and walk… Yeah. I’ll kill his cyborg ass for being mean. He withdrew his finger and pushed his body up. Son of a bitch!

He gripped her thighs instead, jerked her ass to the edge of the bed, and released her. One hand flattened on her lower belly, holding her down, while he reached between them. Their gazes locked and an instant later the broad crown of his c**k rubbed up against her very slippery pu**y. She was soaked with need and he pushed, his c**k parting her tight vaginal muscles, making her take him as his flattened hand shifted. His thumb pressed over her clit, rubbing her furiously, and he pushed in deeper.

Cyan threw her head back, her eyes closed, but she couldn’t stop the reaction as her vaginal walls stretched to take his thick shaft. It felt good, a little scary, but the cl**ax hit her at that second. She cried out as he thrust into her more, her muscles clenching tightly around his cock, and he began to f**k her with hard, fast strokes, drawing it out as his thumb continued to stroke her clit.

Her nails dug into her skin, she realized it and grabbed for the mattress instead. Her h*ps bucked, somehow her knees ended up gripping his h*ps and he suddenly released her clit. He grabbed her wrists, tore them from the bedding, and jerked them above her head as he came down on top of her. He hammered her harder, the bed pounding against the wall loudly, and ecstasy continued to roll through her as she cried out louder.

“Fuck,” he snarled, his face burrowed between her lifted arm and face and his grip on her wrists became almost painful.

She felt him inside her when he started to come. Hot blasts of his se**n began to jet into her. He shook over her with each spasm of his release. He didn’t crush her but he kept her firmly pinned down with his hold and weight. Her legs wrapped around his hips, her calves squeezed over his muscular ass and she held him tightly against her so they were deeply connected with his c**k inside her.

He finally stilled and so did she. They were both panting, sweat tickled between them and he lifted his head. Cyan opened her eyes, staring at him, and feeling a little dazed by how intense that had been.

“Did I hurt you?” He seemed genuinely concerned.

She didn’t trust her voice so she shook her head. His gaze narrowed as he stared into her eyes. It hurt her feelings a little that he seemed to be searching for the truth. She wouldn’t lie about that. She’d have shrieked instead of cried out his name if he’d caused her pain. She was pretty sure she’d done that a few times in the throes of passion.

“I was rougher than I planned to be.”

She opened her mouth, ready to speak, but he suddenly moved. His mouth covered hers and she gasped when he began to kiss her. His tongue swept into her mouth, took charge, and she met his kiss. He had full, wonderful lips and he kissed in a way that mimicked what he’d just done to her body.

She felt his c**k flex inside her, harden, and to her surprise, he began to move. This time he moved slower, nearly withdrew from her completely, before driving his h*ps against her spread thighs. She moaned against his tongue.

He suddenly tore his mouth away, ending the kiss as suddenly as it had begun, and he released her wrists as he straightened. Her eyes opened up to watch him lower his gaze to her body. He backed up, forced her legs to release his hips, leaving her body with his cock, and stared at her. He put a few feet between them but remained on his knees. Cyan’s legs dropped to the floor and she pushed to sit up and gape at him.

“Where are you going?”

“That’s how I wanted to take you. Slower.”

“We could go again. We’re not human. You don’t need recovery time and I don’t either.”

His gaze lowered to her pu**y. “You’re beautiful, sexy, feel heavenly to touch and…” His gaze lifted to her eyes. “Dangerous. You make me want things I know better than to even consider. Now I know you’re too good to be true.”

He lifted to his feet, bent, grabbed his pants and turned away. Cyan knew her mouth dropped open from shock as he strode na**d to the bedroom door. His body was unscarred perfection from his ass down. He had the nicest butt ever and muscular, shapely legs. His back revealed scars that verified his strength and courage in every white line revealed. He paused at the door and turned his head to stare at her.

“You’re treacherous, Cyan Eous. I carry enough scars on my body and I don’t need internal ones to match. Sleep well.”

He was gone, the door closed behind him, and Cyan just sat there in stunned shock.

Krell leaned against the wall outside his room. His fingers crushed the material of his pants fisted in his grip. He wanted to turn around, storm back into her room and stay there. Hours. Days. Maybe weeks. Touching Cyan had been amazing, hot, and the feel of her body wrapped around his, under him, had been the best thing he’d ever experienced.

He’d totally lost control when he’d entered her body. She’d been too hot and wet. So tight. The sensations of pleasure had totally shoved all thoughts from his head, left him unable to think, only to feel. Pure heaven.

He could have hurt her and that concept made him clench his teeth. If she’d really been human, that is. Thankfully she wasn’t. He growled under his breath and opened his door, stalked inside and sealed it behind him.

The urge to return to her, to apologize for his abrupt departure, was almost unbearable. He could be in there now with her. His dick throbbed regardless of just experiencing the most mind-blowing orgasm he’d ever had. It really angered him. Women were trouble. They never wanted anything to do with him. He didn’t appeal to them, never had, and that should tell him Cyan’s interest in him had to be her attempt to lower his guard.

She could be a spy from Earth Government. He dropped his pants on the floor and reached up to finger the scars along his throat. They’d nearly killed him once. He’d survived, had to fight to regain his strength, and it had left him emotionally scarred as well as physically.

He needed to keep his body in check and not allow Cyan to make him weak. He was a survivor for a reason. He was tough, strong and smart. He needed not to allow a small, sexy woman to destroy him.

He moved toward his bathroom to wash away the sweet, arousing scent of Cyan from his body. Otherwise he might lose his mind and return to her room. Keep to the mission. Discover the truth. Stop thinking about how damn sexy she is and how much of a bastard I feel like now for the flash of pain I saw in her eyes when I left her room. It’s just an act on her part. No woman really wants me. I’m damaged.

Chapter Seven

Cyan braided her long hair into a straight plait down her back. It helped her relax as her fingers worked the damp strands. She glanced at the bedroom door and knew she couldn’t avoid leaving the room for much longer. It was past breakfast time, nearing lunch. She’d showered, dragged out doing her hair, and hunger bugged her.

She hadn’t slept well at all. She’d tossed and turned, wondering if Krell slept like a baby or if he stalked around his living quarters waiting for her to attempt an escape to unleash some kind of mayhem upon his cyborg planet. She smirked at the thought. He really believed she was a spy sent to bring them under Earth Government’s rule. He’d be sorely disappointed if those were his expectations.

It had hurt when he’d left her after what they’d shared. The guy knew how to make a woman want more. She’d have enjoyed a few rounds of sex with him, maybe talking him into actually sleeping with her, and she mourned the loss of knowing what it would feel like to be curled up against him. It was something she’d actually wished for the night before.

“Stop it,” she muttered, tying off the end of the braid with some bandage wrap she’d found in the bathroom med kit. She stood, walked to the door and lifted her chin. She heard Krell before she saw him. His heavy breathing and the sound of something being hit led her into the living area.

She paused, watching him punch the bag he had hung in his exercise area. His fists made that sucker move, his bare, tense biceps displayed nicely by his tank top, and her gaze lowered to his firm ass encased in tight pants. He looked good in them but better without. His bare foot left the mat and he spun suddenly, kicking the bag, and his braid whipped through the air. His leg dropped to the mat and he slowly turned. His fisted hands lowered to his sides as their gazes met.

“I hope you easily found the clothing I left you.”

She glanced down at what she wore. “Obviously. Thank you.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t do it. Councilman Zorus had them sent before you arrived. Did you sleep well?”

“What do you think?” She lifted an eyebrow at him. “How about you? Were you disappointed when I didn’t try to sneak into your room to kill you in your sleep or when I didn’t attempt to leave your living space to go collect intel?”

His head tilted just slightly while he studied her. “Is that your mission? To undermine cyborgs and kill as many of us as you’re able?”

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