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“Because of your scars?”

“I’m undesirable for many reasons but that is one of them.”

“I think they are sexy, I’m not looking to get married, and I have an implant that prevents me from getting pregnant. I control my ovaries.” She tapped her head. “That’s confidential by the way. Tell that to your council and I swear I’ll remove your left nut, assuming you have both of them. I haven’t seen you na**d yet. I’m not going to be a cyborg breeding machine and I don’t want them screwing with my head, trying to kill that function.”

“Stop advancing on me.” He didn’t sound too convinced that he really wanted her to by the raspy softness of his voice.

She stepped closer to the retreating cyborg until she backed him into a corner. It was cute how big he was yet he seemed almost fearful of her. “We have two choices here. We can act on our attraction to each other or try to ignore it.” She openly stared down at his erection. “Which is really hard to do. You’re kind of big and that’s impossible to ignore.”

“Get out.”

She met his gaze, saw anger there. “Fine. We’ll ignore it. I still have at least four and a half hours left of our talk time. Want to tell me why you don’t want to do me?”

He glared at her.

“This is what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t be annoying you if we were ha**ng s*x and if you’re doing it right, we wouldn’t be doing too much talking either since you obviously aren’t really into long conversations. Is it because I’m not a cyborg?” Her hands gripped her h*ps as she smiled up at him. “Is that the problem? Have you ever done a human? I look like one and although I’m not technically totally human anymore, I sure feel real.”

His gaze zoned in on her br**sts. “You said that.”

“I meant I feel real as in ‘emotionally’ but it goes both ways. You’d know that if your hands were on me.” She was enjoying their conversation even if he wasn’t. “Is it my size? You aren’t going to break me. I’m really tough. I’ve got really strong bones, the ability to heal quickly, and I don’t even catch colds.”

His dark gaze lifted to stare into hers. “You don’t really want me. This is a deception on your part. You’re trying to keep me off guard. I heard about how you enjoy doing that to males.”

Her eyebrows arched.

“You offered the team who captured you a puppy and said Earth surrendered to them.”

“That stupid puppy again,” she muttered. “I thought they were crazy space pirates. Is anyone ever going to allow me forget that? They also didn’t capture me. I was the one with the knife and in control of the situation. I surrendered to them.”

“They underestimated you.”

“Everyone always does.”

“I refuse to allow you to play mental games with me. Leave my room.”

She stepped closer, invading his personal space, and peered up at him. “Are you sure it’s a game? Do you really believe that I would only want to touch you for some nefarious reason?”

“Yes. I’m undesirable.”

“Bullshit.” She backed up though. “Cyborg women are just idiots if they don’t find you smoking hot.” Cyan turned and strolled toward his door. “I’ll be in my room taking care of my needs if you change your mind, since you refuse to. You can owe me the talk time. I always keep track when someone is indebted to me.”

Krell fisted his hands at his sides. The urge to go after Cyan was so strong his entire body tensed. He closed his eyes. She was a spy, a good one, who wanted to distract him from his mission of uncovering her deception. She was willing to use her body to do it and he wished he were a weaker male. He really wanted to see how far she’d go to convince him he could trust her.

He accessed his implants and tried to cease the responses to his groin area. He opened his eyes and glanced down. His dick remained hard, aching from the need to bury itself in the soft, tempting body of a woman who’d probably slit his throat the first opportunity she had.

It pissed him off. He turned his head slightly, staring at the scars on his chest, a constant reminder of the cruelty of Earth Government. He walked to his door, closed it and decided to ignore his lower half. For some reason the female affected his physical responses too strongly for his implants to override. He hadn’t touched a female in a really long time. That had to be it. He’d grown weak without realizing it.

He approached the entertainment package and pressed his hand to the screen, activating it. He’d rerouted a lot of the computer functions to his room. In seconds he reached out to connect to Zorus. He grew impatient while waiting for the male to answer.

“Is something wrong?”

“Yes,” Krell snarled inside his head. “Assign someone else to interrogate the human.”

Zorus paused. “Are you all right?”


“What is wrong? Did she attack you?”

“You could say that. She came on to me in an attempt to gain her trust.”

Krell clenched his teeth when the other man allowed his amusement to cross the connection. He didn’t even have the audacity to hide it.

“She tried to initiate sex with you?”


“Why are you talking to me? That’s a good way to learn her body’s reaction.”

“I hate you,” Krell grumbled aloud and through the link. “I won’t touch her.”

“Perhaps you’d be in a better mood. I’m busy. You’re a tough cyborg and she’s a small female. I’m confident you can handle her. Charlie is waiting for me. We’re going to bed. Good evening, Krell. Don’t call me again until you have proof either way of who she really is and her intentions.” Zorus cut the connection.

Krell jerked his hand away and paced his room. He glared at the common wall the bedroom shared. She couldn’t really be in the other room na**d and touching her own body. It would be too cruel.

He growled, his fists clenched, and decided that had to be exactly what she did. She wanted to make him suffer. He glanced down at his dick, still hard and uncomfortable, and resisted the urge to punch something. He wouldn’t allow her to win this mental war. Two could play games. He just needed to outthink her and keep her off guard.

As he paced, his mind worked and suddenly he decided to change the game around. She believed she could use her body to lure him into a sense of trust. He could do the same. She’d admitted to being very human despite her engineered enhancements. He moved swiftly to his door, jerked it open and stepped into the hallway. In seconds his hand gripped her door and he didn’t bother to knock. She’d given him an invitation already.

The sight of her on the bed jerked him to a halt before he even got the chance to step into her room. She’d removed everything except small red panties that barely contained the slit of her pu**y—a hairless one. He could see that through the sheer scrap of material covering it. Her bare br**sts were firm, rounded mounds with rosy, hardened peaks.

His dick turned stone hard and his balls tightened to the point of pain. He forced air into his lungs as he allowed his gaze to slowly drift over her pale skin, no imperfections showing at all, even where she’d injured her thigh. He made note that not even a scar marred the site of the wound. He finally took a step forward as their gazes met.

Cyan remembered to breathe as Krell stared into her eyes. He closed her door softly at his back, sealing them inside the small guestroom, and her heart raced. He’d followed her and she knew what that meant. She highly doubted he’d come inside to argue with her. One glance away from his eyes to his straining c**k was clue enough that he wanted her bad. His eyes darkened as she stared into them.

“I haven’t started yet. I was hoping you’d join me.” Her thumbs hooked her panties at her hips. “Please tell me that’s why you’re here.”

He stalked forward slowly, almost predatory, watching her with an intensity that made her swallow hard. She suddenly remembered that cyborgs could be dangerous to their enemies. She could be in a world of serious trouble if Krell viewed her as one. She lifted her ass off the bed, wiggled her hips, and lifted her legs to drop the panties off the side of the bed. Krell stopped just feet away from her, his gaze leaving her eyes to stare at the last little bit of her body she’d revealed.

“You—” He cleared his throat. “You’re playing a dangerous game.”

Cyan bit her lip and spread her thighs apart, keeping her knees bent, and exposed her pu**y to him. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

His intense gaze snapped back to hers.

“That would totally suck if that’s your intention,” she said, keeping her voice soft. “I’m offering both of us a lot of pleasure. It’s not a game. Those are for kids. Do I look like a child to you?”

His hands moved, grabbed his pants and tore at the front of them. “You pushed too far and you’re going to get me now.”

“Good.” She licked her lips. “Just take it slow.” Her attention fixed on him, opening his pants. He shoved them down, stepped out of them quickly, and she knew her eyes widened at the sight of his thick, hard cock. He was definitely toting a mast. “Real slow. That’s going to take some adjusting to.”

He glanced down his body before meeting her gaze. “You’re small.”

“Nothing on you is.” She smiled. “Size proportionate is absolutely fitting in your case. Big hands, big feet and a big…” Her gaze lingered on his rigid shaft. “Everything.”

“It’s been awhile for me.”

“Me too.” She pushed up to a sitting position and turned in his direction. Her face was now level with his hips. “Want to lower down some, Too Tall?”

He dropped to his knees. Cyan scooted closer, spread her thighs and lifted a hand. She wiggled her finger at him to come closer before pointing down between her spread feet.

“You think you’re going to control this?” He didn’t move at first but one black eyebrow arched.

“One of us needs to start.”

He stared into her eyes, seeming to study her. “You’re living in my home and you need to learn a few things about me.”


He lunged forward suddenly, surprised her, and it stunned her at how quickly he moved. His hands gripped the undersides of her spread thighs, lifted, and she fell flat to the mattress on her back with a gasp. He pushed her legs wider apart, bent them up, and fear gripped her. It would hurt if he just suddenly entered her. She was aroused but he was a large guy. He didn’t do that though. Instead he stared at her, bent slightly over, and kept a good foot between her exposed pu**y and his cock.

“I’m in charge at all times. I thrive on control. I don’t take orders from you. In the bedroom I’m the dominant one but I’ll stop at any time if you wish to. Am I clear?”

“Yes.” All her fear fled and was replaced by excitement.

“Good. Hold that position and stay spread apart for me.” One of his hands loosened its grip on her leg and caressed her skin, sliding his fingers until his fingertip brushed against her clit. He paused. “I think you’re beautiful and very sexy but I won’t allow that to deceive me. Don’t believe it will make me just accept everything you say is the truth if we do this. I don’t play games either.” He ran his finger lower, finding the slick wetness of her arousal at the entrance of her pu**y, and slid his finger upward again to rest on her clit. “You come before I do.”

Her heart pounded and she nodded. He was sexy when he was being all dark and demanding. Large and in charge. She really liked him. The soft rub of his fingertip gliding over her bundle of nerves was a tease, so soft it felt good but not as wonderful as it could have felt. She knew he did it on purpose. The ache began to turn into outright need.

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