Stealing Coal Page 31

“Jill…” Coal chuckled, turning. “You know that’s naughty but then, I love that about you.”

“I’m in that kind of mood.”

“How naughty do you feel?”

She ran her tongue over her lips, watching passion build in Coal’s handsome face. “Put me down.”

He lowered her instantly and Jill reached for the front of his pants, unfastening them, until his heavy, thick c**k was free. She dropped to her knees, her eyes lifting to meet his.

“You do enjoy me kissing you.”

“Take off your pants.”

She hesitated and then rose, happy she hadn’t put on shoes yet. She wiggled out of them and then removed the shirt. Rune isn’t the only one who likes to walk around without clothes on sometimes. She grinned at the thought.

Coal grabbed her before she could go to her knees again. She gasped when he used his strength to bend her over his forearm, turning her easily, and gripped her thigh with his free hand. He gently eased them to the floor until he curved around her back, caging her in his arms on her hands and knees.

“I thought we were going to do some kissing. It’s tough to do that with me facing away from you.”

“Spread your thighs wide apart.”

She hesitated but when he spread his, giving her room, she did the same. His chest rose from her back and she watched him reposition until his legs slid between her thighs and he sat on the deck, her ass against his chest. She turned her head to frown at him.

“What are we doing? I thought you were going to take me from behind.”

“This is a position I read about on the computer. It’s called ‘sixty-nine position lying down’.”

As he spoke, he lay back flat, his hands gripping her hips, and lifted her, pulling her back until her pu**y hovered over his mouth. Jill turned her focus on his lap, right under her face. His c**k lay against his belly, stiff and firm, the crown of it touching her chin.

Jill couldn’t help but laugh. Coal read fiction files with sex in them sometimes, stating that he didn’t want her to grow bored with him, and would surprise her with new positions every few days. She’d told him she could never tire of him touching her but she didn’t complain when he read something new and promptly shared it with her.

“Am I too heavy on top of you?”

“No.” He adjusted his arm, wrapping it around her h*ps at his chest to lock her body there. His face nuzzled between her thighs. “Spread wider for me and move a little closer to my mouth.”

She had to wiggle a little but the top of her thighs ended up braced against the top of Coal’s broad shoulders. She moaned when he lifted his head, his free hand spreading her pu**y lips open to allow his mouth to fasten over her clit.

“Oh God.”

He removed his mouth. “Kiss me back.” His mouth returned to her clit, sealing around the swelling bud, and his hot tongue rubbed the very sensitive nerve endings there.

Jill parted her lips, easily capturing the hard flesh pressing against her, and took inches of his c**k into her welcoming mouth. Coal instantly responded by groaning against her clit, creating wonderful vibrations. She sucked on him slowly at first but then faster, taking more of him deeper inside.

The sweet taste of him nearly drove her insane when the pleasure threatened to overcome her. The faster she rode his c**k with her mouth, he responded in turn on her clit. When one of his fingers breached her pu**y, rubbing against her clenching vaginal walls, she knew she would not last long. Her cl**ax hovered as the need to come became painfully intense.

Coal’s h*ps started to squirm, his moans grew louder, and the vibrations on her cl*t increased. A strong jerk of his c**k against her tongue told her he had reached the point that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He cried out, sucking her swollen bud frantically with hard tugs, and his release filled her mouth. Jill swallowed every drop, loving his sweet flavor, and trying to hold off her own rapturous explosion when his finger left her. She guessed he’d need a few seconds to recover but instead two of his fingers suddenly drove into her. The sensation of being stretched and filled while he pushed in deep, combined with his incredible kisses, rocketed her over the edge. She managed to jerk her mouth away from his c**k just before she screamed out his name, coming so hard she nearly passed out.

Time lost all meaning for Jill while she lay sprawled over the man she loved. Her cheek rested on his thigh, his c**k mere inches from her lips, and she grinned, watching his sensitive testicles respond to the warm air she breathed over them. Coal eased his fingers out of her, his tongue swiping her cl*t slowly for one last lick, making her shiver from another mild aftershock of her cl**ax. Coal chuckled, rested his head back against the floor, and turned his face to nuzzle her inner thigh.

“I liked that one.”

“I learned another one. It involves tying you down.”

Jill pushed up from his thigh and lifted her head to grin at him over her shoulder. Interest sparked her libido again. “I’m listening.”

“We need to change positions.”

She hated to get up but she wanted him more. She rolled off him to sprawl on her back. The cool metal of the deck soothed her heated flesh. Coal sat up while he slowly took in every inch of her na**d skin until his gaze met hers. Passion still darkened his eyes.

“Would you trust me tie you down? I know how vulnerable you would feel.”

She saw a flash of pain in his eyes, obviously sparked from a memory from his past. Jill sat up quickly and straddled his lap. Sitting there nearly made their faces level. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and her br**sts pushed against his muscular, hard chest. She couldn’t miss how his c**k hardened, trapped between their bellies.

“I love you, I trust you, and you can tie me up any time you want to.”

His features softened. “One day I want you to tie me down.”

She tried to hide her surprised reaction but Coal could obviously read her too well.

“I love and trust you too, Jill. I need to replace those memories of the bad things done to me while being restrained with good ones of you doing wonderful things to me that I want to happen between us. You deserve a male who faces his fears to get beyond them.”

“I understand but I don’t think anything is wrong with you. I hate that you were hurt, I want to kill every damn one of those women who forced you to breed them, but what breaks my heart the most is that you can’t see how courageous you are to have survived it all.”

“I’m damaged.” His jaw clenched.

“No, Coal.” She smiled at him. “To me, you’re perfect just the way you are. I love everything about you.”

Coal stared deeply into Jill’s beautiful eyes. She didn’t attempt to hide how sincerely she meant her words. She thought he didn’t need to be fixed, that he was the male she wanted, and she didn’t see his flaws.

Her face blurred and he knew his own tears filled his eyes. He blinked rapidly but they wouldn’t be hidden from the woman who had changed his life. She didn’t look horrified as he shed them. She leaned forward to kiss each one that slid down his cheeks instead.

This is happiness. Love. Acceptance. Jill gives me all of this and so much more. Then another thought struck him that made him chuckle.

“What’s funny?” Jill grinned at him. “Share.”

“I realized the past doesn’t matter. My future with you will be filled with a lot of fun.” He winked. “And love.”

“So much of that,” Jill nodded, and brushed a kiss over his mouth.

He ached to make love to her again. “You heal me, Jill. You make all the pain I’ve suffered fade away with every day we are together—with each touch, word, and look.”

“You do the same for me.”

Her hand reached between them. He softly groaned against her mouth when her fingers brushed the shaft of his cock, teasing the underside of it with her featherlight touches.

“Yes,” he rasped, his hands sliding down her back to cup her ass, pulling her tighter against his aching cock, longing to be sheathed inside her hot, tight pu**y that sent him to heaven. “Love is a wonderful thing.”

“And hot sex,” she moaned.

Coal couldn’t agree more.