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“I’m a little afraid but we can try it.”

His eyes closed and she nearly laughed at the obvious relief he didn’t even bother to hide. She smiled instead and some of her fear eased. This wasn’t Darren. This was Coal, the cyborg who’d never hurt her, who’d had dozens of chances to harm her but hadn’t. She released the bedding, watching him take deep breaths, and her hands trembled a little when she touched his chest, hovering over hers.

His eyes snapped open when her fingers brushed his warm skin and she froze, unsure if she was allowed to trace his skin. A soft groan came from Coal and he licked his lips, his attention fixing on her mouth.

“I want to kiss you.”

Jill licked her lips to wet them and her hands slid up to his neck. He wasn’t pulling away from her touch so it encouraged her to continue her exploration. She traced both sides of his neck and then her hands cupped his strong cheekbones.

“You can.”

Coal lowered his mouth and Jill closed her eyes, raising her head a little to meet him. She wasn’t sure what to expect but the brush of incredibly soft lips wasn’t it. Coal had a hard-looking mouth but his gentleness shouldn’t have surprised her. Coal looked scary as hell with his cyborg size and distinctions but appearances were deceiving when it came to the incredibly sweet cyborg.

He deepened the kiss, his tongue delving into her welcoming mouth. It shocked her a little when she tasted herself on him, having momentarily forgotten what he’d just done to her, but it only turned her on more. The gentle kisses turned more aggressive but she met his passion easily and her hands left his face to wrap around his neck. An ache started again and she arched her back to press her br**sts against Coal’s chest.

Frustration flared when she realized she couldn’t feel his hot skin as well with her shirt on. She broke the kiss and stared into Coal’s black eyes. They really did change colors, she realized, when passion gripped him.

“Do you want me to stop?” His voice had grown so deep he nearly snarled the words but no anger showed in his features. Instead he looked concerned. “I will go slower.”

“I want the shirt off. I want to feel us touching,” she admitted.

Coal pushed up, braced his entire weight with one hand, and his other hand gripped the front of her shirt. To her shock, he tore it open. Material just shredded from his strength and revealed her br**sts and stomach when it parted.

“Sorry.” Coal froze. “I’m scaring you, aren’t I?” He tossed away the destroyed material. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

She forced her lungs to work. “It’s okay.”

Her hands shook as she maneuvered under him. He kept his upper chest lifted away from hers while she worked the rest of the shirt out from under her back and pushed it away from them. She settled flat and met his gaze again, seeing regret on his features. She concentrated on that instead of acknowledging that she lay under Coal, completely na**d now. She didn’t want to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about her nudity.

“I’m very turned on and I wanted to give you what you wanted. I should have gently removed it from you instead of just ripping it off.”

She suddenly laughed, the humor of the situation hitting her. “I’m okay. It startled me but you didn’t terrify me or anything. I hated that shirt anyway.”

“Are you sure?” He studied her eyes. “If you want to stop we can.”

That settled it for Jill. “I don’t want to stop.” She nearly laughed again but refrained from the obvious relief that flashed on Coal’s face. “I want to know it all.”

Coal slowly lowered his chest until they were skin to skin. The feeling of his hot flesh pressed to hers did things to Jill. Wonderful sensations flooded her body and her hands gripped his shoulders.

“I trust you,” she admitted softly. “I’m a little afraid it’s going to hurt because it always has but I’ve never wanted anyone before either. The only man I’ve ever known never made me ache the way you do. There’s no comparison but I just wanted you to know.”

“I’ve never wanted anyone the way I do you,” Coal admitted. “I’ll kill myself before I cause you pain.”

“Kiss me and let’s do this. I really want to.”

Coal hesitated. “I want this to be really good for you. I realize most humans prefer sex in this position but would you allow me to take you another way?”

Jill frowned. “What other way?”

“Do you trust me?”

She nodded. “Yeah. You haven’t hurt me and I believe you won’t.”

He lowered his head and planted a kiss on her that left her panting for more. His lips left hers and he pushed up. Jill wanted to protest as she watched him sit on his bent legs between hers. In the next instant she gasped when he gripped her h*ps and lifted her until her ass rested on the top of his thighs. His c**k ended up trapped between his thighs and under her ass.

Jill’s eyes widened and alarm slammed her. “Not there!”

“I’m not going to do what you’re thinking. I’m just going to prepare you for sex and need closer access to you. We’re not going to attempt anal sex so relax. Reach up and brace your hands on something.”

“What are you going to do?”

Coal smiled tensely. “Making sure I don’t hurt you and that you’re so into the sex that you welcome me entering you. I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay.” Jill nodded and reached up to grab handfuls of sheet. “I’m ready.”

His smile reached his eyes. “You look as though you’re preparing for something painful. This won’t hurt.”

“Right. Have you seen the size of your dick?”

He chuckled. “Here we go.”

Coal spread her thighs wider apart on his lap and his thumb rubbed her clit. That wasn’t what Jill expected him to do. He didn’t try to enter her at all but instead tormented her by tracing circles on her oversensitive sex. She spread her legs wider apart, moaning, and wiggled as the pleasure built.

Jill realized when Coal spread his thighs and allowed her ass to slip down into the cradle of his bent legs a little but she was too wrapped up in the wonderful feeling of his thumb teasing her clit. He purposely kept her from coming when her body began to tense for pending release. She bucked her h*ps in frustration.

“Please,” she pleaded.

“Jill? Look at me.”

Her eyes opened and she met his gaze.

He lifted his h*ps a little and her eyes widened when something large and hard pressed against her very wet pu**y. His thumb pressed tighter on her cl*t and she moaned loudly, her eyes nearly closing from the pleasure but she fought not to look away from Coal. He pushed against her, his c**k breaching her very slowly, and the delightful sensation of being filled and stretched nearly overwhelmed her.

Coal got a pained expression and he groaned deeply. His thumb rubbed faster on her cl*t as he filled her, making her take inches more of his cock. He paused and then withdrew a little before pushed back in, slowly allowing her to adjust to being f**ked.

Raw bliss gripped Jill. Her hands released the sheets and she grabbed Coal’s thighs next to her ass, clutching him in a death grip. He froze, not moving at all.

“Am I hurting you?”

She shook her head, unable to speak, panting instead. She bucked her hips, feeling him move inside her, and moaned in response. She repeated that wonderful movement that felt unbelievably good and moaned louder, encouraging him to continue.

“Jill,” Coal rasped. “I’m losing it.”

He moved and Jill threw her head back, crying out in ecstasy as Coal f**ked her harder. His powerful h*ps stimulated them both, rocking his c**k into her faster, going deeper with each motion, while his thumb strummed her clit. He felt incredibly rigid as he stretched her, awaking a fire inside Jill that threatened to burn her alive, and then she screamed out as she came so hard she wondered if she’d die from a heart attack.

Coal drove into her and then roared out over her dying scream. His h*ps jerked, his body shook violently, and Jill opened her eyes as she felt warmth spreading deep inside her pu**y where he remained connected to her. She stared up at the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen.

Coal’s head was thrown back, his mouth parted, and a look of pure sated passion softened his quickly relaxing features. The sheen of sweat on his chest and arms did funny things to her stomach and had her vaginal muscles gripping and caressing Coal’s c**k inside her or it may have just been them still twitching from the aftermath of the amazing sex they’d just had. A smile curved his lips and his chin lowered until he opened those sexy eyes of his to stare into hers.

“Please tell me I didn’t hurt you.”

Jill’s heart did a funny thing in her chest and she blinked back tears that filled them instantly. Coal’s smile faded and he slowly leaned down, his body curving around hers, and she swore she saw regret in his look. It about killed her to see it since that’s the last thing she wanted him to feel.

“You didn’t hurt me.”

“Then why are you crying? I was too rough, wasn’t I? You’re very tight and smaller than I am.”

Her hands lifted to cup his face to pull it closer to hers. “It’s just that it was so amazing and your first concern is me.”

“This makes you cry?”

She smiled at his confused look. “Yeah. It does. You’re amazing, Coal. I’ve never met anyone as wonderful as you. You really care if I enjoyed that and trust me, I did.”

“I lost my control,” he admitted. One of his hands curved around her hip, holding her on his lap while his other hand gently brushed a lock of her hair away from her cheek. “Are you certain I wasn’t too rough?”

Jill nodded. “That was just perfect. I never knew it could be this way.”

His smile returned. “That was just one position. There are a lot more of them that may feel even better to you.”

“Are we going to try them?” Please say yes.

“Do you want to?”

She nodded, knowing she blushed.

His fingers caressed her cheek and then to her regret, he slowly withdrew from her body as his still-hard c**k eased from her pu**y. She’d enjoyed feeling fused to him.

“I don’t want to make you sore since you’re not used to sex. We’ll try another position in a few hours. Perhaps you can help me with some of the repairs I plan to make. It would be helpful if I taught you how to do certain things.”


Jill hated when he left her, climbing from the bed, and no longer touching her. She grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around her body. It stung a little that he still wanted to make sure she wasn’t stashing weapons in her room. It also didn’t sit well with her that he had no plans to share a cleansing unit with her. Even her ex-bastard had hauled her into one with him after sex but of course that had been because he never trusted she wouldn’t attack him in a vulnerable situation.

Coal removed the vent-seal c**k ring, tossed it into her trash, and pulled up his pants. “I estimate it will take you five minutes to use the facilities and another five to get dressed. I’ll be done with my search by then. When you come out, I’ll be down the hall getting clean and changing my clothing. I’ll return for you soon.” He paused, his gaze lingering on the sheet hiding her body. “Go on.”

Jill kept hold of the sheet as she scooted off the bed. She refused to walk na**d across the room even if they’d just had sex together. Coal watched her without comment, allowing her to close the door between them. She leaned against the door and let her head hang.

She was afraid she’d get used to him or worse, maybe even fall for him. He was just too damn sexy and sweet. “Sucker tattooed in big block letters right across my ass,” she muttered.

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