Seducing Stag Page 22

“I want you inside me. Yes?”

“Yes,” he rasped.

She had to climb off him, and almost fell off the bed in her haste to remove her pants. None of her underwear had made the trip to his ship so it was just a matter of undoing the pants and shoving them down her legs. She grabbed the shirt though and put it back on.


She straddled him again, reached down between their bodies, and used the wetness to tease her own clit. “Anyone could just walk in. This will at least cover us a little if it happens.”

He lowered his gaze, watching her hand move. “What are you doing?”

“You’re close to coming.” It felt good to rub the bundle of nerves. “Making sure you don’t do it before I do.”

“Let me see. Lift the shirt.”

She sat up more, gripped the shirt and tugged it up to her stomach. Something brushed her ass and she twisted, seeing that Stag was still totally up to the task of being inside her. Her desire hiked more as she stroked her clit, the nub hardening, and she stared into his beautiful eyes.

“Ride me,” he ordered.

“Close…” She was. She scooted back, keeping her finger moving over the swollen nub, and used her other hand to grip his cock. She spread her thighs a little more and rubbed the crown of his cock along the seam of her pussy.

Stag’s breathing increased and she noticed his hands fist at the sides of the bed. Some of his motion was returning, the drugs wearing off. Time was running out before his implants would come back too, she figured. He’d be able to signal Maze to come, and then he’d be the one in control again.

She adjusted the angle of her hips, lined his shaft up with her entrance, and sank down on him slowly. She closed her eyes and stopped rubbing her clit. He was thick and her body resisted taking him. She bent forward, using his chest to brace herself as she pushed back against his lap, taking more of him.

It had been so long since she’d experienced that feeling of being filled, of having a man inside her. She moaned, rocked her hips, and took even more of him. He was huge and it felt incredible. He was so hard…

“Fuck,” he hissed.

They were. She spread her fingers to brace better on his chest and started to rock back and forth. Moans tore from her throat and she didn’t try to muffle them. She sank down on him all the way and just collapsed forward, laying on him as she rubbed their bodies together. It pressed her clit against his lower stomach. Each movement felt even better.

“Oh God! I’m going to come. It’s been too long,” she got out, frantically grinding against him now.

He thrust his hips upward suddenly, surprising her, but it felt so good as he took over, rocking them. It made her body slide against his. She clutched at his sides, just hanging on as they moved together. The climax tore through her with brutal force and she leaned forward, burying her mouth against his hot skin. He craned his neck, his jaw pressing against the top of her head.

He jerked, groaning, and she knew he was coming too.

He finally stopped bucking his hips under her and Nala panted, sprawled on top of him. She could feel her vaginal muscles still twitching in the aftermath around his cock buried inside her.

Long minutes passed. She didn’t know what to say to him and was afraid to lift her head off his chest. He finally broke the silence.

“Take off my restraints, Nala.”

He wasn’t going to stop asking her to do that, obviously. It was time to face the consequences anyway. He didn’t sound exactly angry but his tone implied he wasn’t happy either. “You said yes,” she reminded him.

“I did.”

“What are you going to do to me?” She still wasn’t willing to look at him.

“Do you want Maze or another member of my crew to find us this way? We need to use the cleansing unit and change the bedding, or they will guess we’ve had intercourse.”

She flinched at the cold term. “You can move now, can’t you?”

“I tried to break the restraints but couldn’t. I didn’t want you to know, hoping you’d take them off, thinking I was still helpless.”

“How long?”

“It’s been about five minutes since I regained the use of my limbs.”

She lifted off him a little and raised her chin. He masked his expression as she studied him. “Implants?”

“Not yet, or I’d seal the door so no one could walk in. They could at any second.”

“Are you going to hurt me?”

“I’d never abuse you.”

That wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear. “What’s your definition of that?”

“Release me. Don’t make this worse.”

“You mean by your crew finding out you had sex with an Earther?”

His lips pressed together in a grim line. “Nala, let me go.”

She used his chest to straighten up. His cock remained hard inside her, apparent as since their bodies were still joined. She lifted up, separating them, and climbed toward the top of bed.

The restraints were easy to figure out. They were a two-pinch system on the back of his wrist. It took effort to squeeze hard enough for the lock to open, but it did, freeing one of his arms.

She almost expected him to grab for her throat but he twisted away, opening the other restraint himself. She ended up in the corner of the bed as he sat up and bent forward, reaching for his ankles.

He was flexible. She’d give him that. He got free and slid off the bed, yanking his shorts up his hips, but not before she got to glimpse a bit of his firm, rounded ass. It was a nice one. He turned then, his expression unreadable again.

“Use the cleansing unit. I’ll change the bedding.”

She was leery. “That’s it? You’re not going to get even?”

“I can’t lock the door without my implants working. Get in the cleansing unit. Hurry. I’ll use it next.”

It seemed hiding the fact that they’d had sex was more important to him at that moment than getting revenge.

She crawled off the bed and dashed into the unit. He didn’t try to stop her. She sealed the door, removed her shirt, and leaned against the wall. Stag would make her pay somehow. She had faith—and dreaded it.



Chapter Eight


Stag exited the cleansing unit in his uniform. He had already changed the bedding before using it, and he refused to even look at Nala. He was aware of her sitting on the bed. She’d put on another outfit since he’d tossed her pants down the laundry chute. They had evidence on them of her becoming aroused.

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