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“I should have paralyzed his limbs,” Maze grunted.

It scared Nala that Stag wasn’t waking. “What’s wrong with him? Seizures?”

Stag jerked one of his legs out of her hold and nailed Maze in the back. She scooted to the side, waited for Stag to straighten his leg, then fell forward, using her entire body to hold them down. He still managed to lift her a few inches before dropping his legs back to the bed.

“I sedated him so he won’t wake. Sometimes our bodies will react to dreams because of our dependency on our cybernetics.”

“I thought you said they were down, drained, off…whatever.” Stag lifted her again with his legs and she clutched at the other side of the mattress, trying to keep him from tossing her off completely.

“That’s the problem.”

Someone grabbed Nala from behind. One arm slipped around her chest, the other around her hips, and she was lifted off Stag. She would have fallen from the fast motion, once she was put on her feet, but Hellion almost hugged her, stabilizing her balance.

He flashed a smile. “Stay back, beautiful Nala. I have this. You could become bruised, and that would break my heart. I’d kiss them though.”

Her mouth parted, astonished by the muscled cyborg, but Hellion turned away and grabbed one of Stag’s ankles. He had dumped fabric restraints on the end of the bed and quickly fastened Stag’s leg to the frame. He went to work quickly to restrain the other leg.

Nala backed up and watched as Maze and Hellion finished strapping Stag down. They tightened the restraints enough that he only had a few inches of movement. Maze had a rip in his sleeve, but otherwise looked okay. He opened the kit that Hellion must have carried in and yanked out an injector, programmed it, and pressed it against Stag’s neck.

Stag stilled fast. Shouts still came out of him and he tossed his head, his expression pained, but he wasn’t fighting anymore.

Maze turned and looked Nala over. “Did you sustain any damage?”

“I could check her over,” Hellion offered.

She glanced at the cyborg, to find him smiling. “I’m good.”

Maze cleared his throat. “Thank you, Hellion. You may go now. I have this under control.”

Hellion stepped closer to Nala. “You really should let me take a look at you. I’d be happy to view every inch of your body to search for bruises.”

“Hellion! Out. Now.” Maze’s tone deepened. “Flirt with her later.”

“Fine.” Hellion walked to the door but then stopped and turned. “Beautiful Nala? I would take orders from you. I’d do anything you asked.” He licked his lips. “Often. As much as you wanted. Stag may have been offended when you believed we were sex bots, but it would be a privilege to be yours.”

“Out!” Maze stepped between them.

The door sealed and Maze sighed, spun, and shook his head. “That one has emotional issues. I apologize.”

She recovered. “He’s, um, very friendly at least.”

Maze moved to his kit and bent. “That’s an interesting way to put it. He’s juvenile, and at times downright annoying. It’s no wonder the female ended their contract in record time.”

“Can you say that in a way that makes sense?”

He closed the kit and rose, gripping it. “Marriage contract. A female cyborg accepted him into her family unit, but ended it within days. He doesn’t do well in our society because of his flirtatious behavior. That’s why he was assigned to Stag. He’s got more patience than most others, and there are no females onboard.”

“A player cyborg, huh?”

Maze cocked his head, peering at her. “Ah. It took me a moment to grasp the term. Hellion is impulsive, and allows his feelings to control most of his actions. He didn’t flirt with other females when he was married, but she wasn’t comfortable with his open affection toward her. It unnerved her. Cyborgs are more reserved. Hellion is not. It’s considered a flaw.”

She glanced at Stag. His lips were clamped together tightly. “What’s going on with him? Is it a sign of brain damage?” That was her biggest fear.

“No. He’s dreaming. It can happen at times when a cyborg is injured and partially sedated. I’ve paralyzed him from the neck down.”

“Won’t that make him stop breathing or something? It sounds horrible.”

“No. He just can’t move around now. It won’t affect his organs. Can you tend to his shoulder?”

“He needs stitches.”

Maze shook his head. “It will heal enough that they aren’t required. We aren’t like you. It’s why we don’t use them in such minor injuries. I must return to Control. Call me if there’s another problem.”

He started to leave, but paused. “He can still feel pain, so be aware of that.”

“I’ll be careful not to hurt him.”

Maze left and she got the smaller med kit back on the bed, taking a seat next to Stag. He turned his head, muttered something, but seemed to calm a bit. She reached for the bandage on his shoulder. It was coated with blood near the bottom, which had been smeared over his skin. Maze probably would have to change his uniform. She figured it was probably bloody since he’d pressed Stag down with his body.

She got another wet cloth. Stag’s skin was firm but remarkably warm and velvety soft. “It’s just you and me again.” She began to clean him. “I’d hate to know whatever was just going through your head.”

It made her wonder just how bad a life he’d had while he’d been on Earth, if that was the cause of his nightmare. She paused, reached up, and caressed his cheek.

“Don’t make me feel bad for you. You’re starting to.”



Chapter Seven


Nala came awake when she heard a low growl. She was curled into a ball between the wall and where Stag had been restrained on his back. Hellion and Maze had stretched him out, his arms and legs spread, so she’d had little space to sleep.

She lifted her head and found Stag’s eyes open, the cyborg glaring at her.

“Do you know your name?”

“What have you done to me?”

She sat up, careful not to touch him. “What’s your name? Do you remember?”

“I’ll kill you, Nala.”

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