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She’d slug me if I woke her up for sex, though. Not that I would. She was exhausted.

Taking a deep breath, I threw off my blankets and got out of bed, pulling on my pajama pants and leaving as quickly as possible. The harder I got, the more I didn’t want to be honorable.

So I left.

I went down to the basement, rubbing my thumb across my fingers the entire way. It’d been months since I played, and I felt the hum in my hands. The cool keys under my fingertips.

Playing wasn’t an obsession or something that I needed to do. I just appreciated having the skill to play, though. Everyone should have a way of expressing themselves, letting the stress out—even if it was just sexual frustration for me right now.

Pulling out the bench, I sat down at my family’s completely restored 1921 Steinway grand piano and sifted through the music, picking a Dvorˇák piece.

Placing my fingers on the keys, I started playing the same notes I’d been practicing off and on for years. I didn’t change up my music a lot, preferring to master a piece before I moved on to something else, but as I got more comfortable with the music, I’d find myself adding my own flavor. Speeding up, slowing down, softer, harder . . . A single composition can have so many meanings depending on the person playing.

I liked the freedom to explore and take risks.

The same could be said for Fallon’s skateboarding. She enjoyed it but only so much as she was left alone to own it.

Cool skin touched my bare shoulders, and I straightened, taking my hands off the keys.

“Addie said you came down here to play at night.” Fallon set her chin on top of my head. “Why don’t you just have the piano moved upstairs?”

I reached up and took her hands. “It’s something I would rather do alone.”

“Oh,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry.” And she pulled away.

“No, I don’t mean that.” I turned around and yanked her back to me, pulling her into my lap. “I mean without my father around. I like to play. I just don’t want to be forced.”

She leaned back against me, straddling my legs and facing the keys. “It was a sad tune.”

“The best music is,” I said into her ear. “I’m happy, though.”

She ran a delicate hand over the keys, leaning her head back on my shoulder. “I think we should do the dancing lessons with Jared and Tate. It would be fun.” She inched up, kissing my jaw. “I still can’t believe he lost.”

My chest shook. “He threw that race. You know that, right?”

“He did not,” she maintained. “Tate was awesome. And . . .”

I sunk my teeth into her neck, and she groaned, cutting off her own thought before it even got out. I sucked on her neck, my whole body twisting with need at the smell of her. Wrapping my arm around her stomach, I shifted my legs further apart. Since her thighs were outside of mine, she stretched wide. Keeping my mouth on her neck and my arm around her, I slipped my other hand inside of the front of her sleep shorts.

“Always ready for me,” I breathed out, feeling how wet she was between her legs. I moved my mouth up the side of her face and over to her ear. The heat on my fingers shot right to my dick, and I circled her clit, feeling it get harder between my fingers.

She reached behind her and grabbed the back of my head. “After we get back from hiking tomorrow,” she started, breathing hard, “we should come home and try to get this piano moved up to the main floor again. Maybe get some of your friends over here to help.”

Was she seriously trying to talk to me about this now? We were taking Lucas hiking tomorrow, and I didn’t feel like thinking about anything else but her right at this moment.

When I didn’t stop kissing her to answer, she pleaded, “Please?”

My hand around her waist slid up into her shirt. “On one condition.” I snatched her lips in short, devouring kisses. “Your half-pipe comes upstairs, too.”

She started rolling her h*ps back onto me, and I closed my eyes with the wave that washed over me.

“I don’t think Jason and Katherine will appreciate that thing in the living room.” She sounded so weak. It was turning me on.

“Awesome,” I joked. “Because it’s not their living room. This is our house, remember?”

“Yeah, but they still live here.”

She was right, of course. Nothing had changed in the living arrangements. Katherine was moving in after Jax graduated next spring. It was our house in name, though, so I didn’t care.

She was still rubbing herself slowly over my cock, and I slipped my fingers inside of her.

“All right.” She gave in. “Half-pipe comes, too. Everyone will love that,” she added sarcastically.

I took my hand out of her shorts and lifted her shirt. “This would be so much more fun for me if you were topless,” I said, pulling it over her head with no resistance.

Reaching over and grabbing the insides of her thighs, I pulled her ass into me and nudged her upper body forward to lean over the keys.

Bending down, I swiped her hair to the side and dragged my tongue up her back, breaking every once in a while to sink my teeth in softly and kiss her.

God, I loved her. There was never anything or anyone I wanted more, and she was mine. When we were fourteen years old she came into my life on the heels of a cruel and self-serving woman, but I would do it all again. Every minute. Every ounce of pain. I would go through it all again to get to her.

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