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In one rushed movement, I snatched her cl*t between my lips and sucked it like a peach.

“Oh, my God!” She squirmed, throwing her head back, the hood bending under her movements. I couldn’t see her eyes. Her face was pinched up in pleasure.

I swirled my tongue around, flicking her a few times hard.

I hate her, I told myself.

I don’t trust her.

She is going to screw me over again.

And I didn’t care about giving her pleasure.

I didn’t care that she was enjoying this. I simply wanted her to come in my mouth, so she knew who owned her.

But the more she grasped at my hair and went wild under me, the more I realized I wanted to hear her call my name. I realized I wanted her to love it.

“Madoc.” Her voice shook. “Madoc, now!”

I looked up and saw her looking down at me. She ran her hand down my cheek.

“Now,” she begged. “Please?”

And that was what I was waiting for. Even though I didn’t know it.

Standing up, I clenched my teeth, looking down at that beautiful body. That beautiful girl that hated me, and I hated her, but—goddamn it—I loved how we hated, because it was raw and real. It didn’t make any sense, but yeah—it was real.

Yanking her down to the edge of the car, I held her eyes as I drove inside of her.

“Ahhh. . . .” She squeezed her eyes shut and bared her teeth.

“Shit, Fallon.” I stopped, shut my eyes, and savored the feeling.

Warm and tight around me, the heat of her spread across my thighs and up my chest. The rain did little to cool me down.

I didn’t know how many guys she’d been with after me, and I didn’t want to know, but I figured my piercing might take a minute to adjust to. Hovering over her, my dick inside of her, I just watched her, waiting for her eyes to open.

When they did, she looked at me and snaked her hand around my neck, bringing us both halfway in for a kiss. As I massaged her tongue with mine and nibbled on her wet lips, I started to move inside of her slowly at first, feeling every inch of her heat and savoring every little whimper she let loose in my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, I cupped her breast with one hand and steadied myself with the other hand on the hood of the car. Every muscle in my back was tense, and my shoulders were on fire. The air rushed in and out of my lungs, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pounded into her, the volcano between my legs hot and urgent and feeling so damn good.

Her br**sts bounced back and forth as I moved in and out of her harder and harder.

Her nails dug into my chest. “More, Madoc. It feels so good.”

I stood up straight, pulled her back down to the edge of the hood, and hooked the back of her knees over my arms. “Tell me you missed this.”

She blinked and swallowed. “Yes.” She nodded, her whisper coming out shaky. “I missed it.”

Me, too.

I entered her again and pounded into her like there was no tomorrow.

Her back arched, her tits went wild, and she moaned long and loud. “Yes . . . oh, my God!”

She tightened around my dick, her stomach shaking with shallow breaths, and her eyes squeezed shut as she came all over me.

The fire in my c**k spread through my thighs and burned to the tip. I pulled out, gasping and stroking until I came all over her stomach.

My throat was dry, and my heart was trying to punch a hole through my chest. I dropped my head down between her br**sts and closed my eyes, feeling her chest rise and fall under me.

No coherent thoughts formed in my head. Just words.





I had no clue what I was supposed to do now, and her silence told me she was just as baffled as I was. I was about to get off of her when she started running her fingers through my drenched hair.

Frozen, I just lay there and let her.

And then I winced, realizing I hadn’t used a condom.

Shit. Really, dude? You have them in your glove compartment. Why hadn’t I even thought about it? I had always used them, except with Fallon once or twice when we were younger.

“I never said those things to our parents.” She spoke up, breaking me out of my thoughts.

Our parents? She was bringing them up now?

“Never said what?” I kept my chin to her chest but looked up at her.

“They lied to you.” She stroked my hair and looked up to the sky. “I never complained about what we were doing, Madoc. They just found out and shipped me off.”

I narrowed my eyes, pushing myself up and placing both hands on either side of her head. “You’re telling me you never wanted to leave me?”



What was I doing?

What the hell was I doing?

So the parents lied to him. Told him I wanted to leave. That hurt him. Good! That worked for me. Madoc deserved that and more, and while he wasn’t on my hit list to the extreme the parents were, he was still on it.

But in my post-orgasmic bliss, I wanted to protect his heart. I wanted to keep the memory safe. I wanted to believe that he never used me.

But he did. He used me good and forgot about me.

Sleeping with him now was part of my plan. This was all going according to plan, I told myself. It happened sooner than I thought it would and with a lot more wanton behavior on my part, but it had been so long since I’d had sex. It was harder to resist him than I’d anticipated.

Madoc and I were crazy at sixteen. Way too young to be doing what we were doing, but we were learning together.

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