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Iron sucked in air loudly as Dawn released his pants and wrapped one of her hands around his cock. He was so thick that her index finger and thumb couldn’t touch. Her other hand wiggled between his body and his pants, trapped at his thighs, to cup his balls. They were hairless, heavy, and filled her palm. She smiled, looking up into his face.

“You’ve got balls, I’ll say that about you.” She massaged them gently to make a point. “Now I’ll make a deal with you.”

His jaw clenched. “I see. You want to negotiate for sex. I won’t give you freedom.” His hand snaked out, grabbing both of her wrists to jerk her hands from his body. “I won’t be manipulated that way. If I want to f**k you, I’ll turn you around, bend you over, and take you.”

The idea of him doing that had Dawn’s ni**les hardening. She wasn’t some shrinking violet. She was a mechanic, tough, and she liked her sex a little rough. Not bruising, but damn, it turned her on, remembering him f**king her the night before, his powerful body over hers. He’d been careful to not hurt her, though he could have.

“Promises, promises,” she muttered, knowing damn well she was playing a dangerous game with this cyborg. He wasn’t really a man, nothing similar to anything she’d ever dealt with. This wasn’t some guy she was desperate and lonely enough to pick up in a bar on Earth. She’d done that a few times over the years but short-term sex was never satisfying and she always ran the risk of getting some guy who wouldn’t care if she got off or not. “I wasn’t going to ask for my freedom.”

“What do you want from me to have sex?”

Licking her lips, Dawn swallowed as a blush warmed her cheeks. For as outgoing as she was, no matter how tough she tried to project herself, she was still a bit shy with men, concerning sex. She’d never been exposed to that many of them for longer than a night at a time while on leave.

“I want you to do to me what you did last night when you went down on me. I liked that a hell of a lot.”

He stared at her. Dawn wanted to curse. He was gripping her wrists, she was naked, his pants were pushed down to his thighs, and his c**k was pointing straight out between them. Long seconds ticked by.

“Is this a trick?”

“Man, you are paranoid.” She relaxed. “I really loved what you did to me. Can you do it again? If you do, you can f**k me any way you want to.”

His c**k twitched, waving a little as if it were a thick, rigid flag. “Yes.”

“So you’ll do that to me again?”

His hands released her wrists. “Get on the bed.”

She hesitated. “Which one? You have yours and that cot you leaned against the wall.”

He toed off his boots. “Get on my bed unless you want me to tie you down again to the cot.”

She turned and walked to his bed. Her heart pounded. She wondered if she’d get as turned-on while not tied down as she had last night. She wanted to find out. She stretched out on his bed, rolling onto her back, and watched as Iron stripped out of all his clothes. The sight of his beautiful body was one she was starting to appreciate. He was built similar to a bodybuilder and that shade of silver with his blue eyes was striking, kind of sexy, and as he took a step toward her, she decided Iron was definitely eye candy.

He hesitated at the edge of the bed. “Knees up and spread for me.”

Dawn moved, lifting her legs and gripped her ankles as she spread her thighs wide open. Heat warmed her cheeks but she wanted this, wanted him, and knew how good it would feel from the last time. Men had done this to her a few times but it hadn’t been as good, not even close, to what Iron could do with that mouth of his.

She met his gaze as he shifted onto the bed, going to his hands and knees at the end of the bed, the mattress dipping with his weight. They stared at each other as she licked her lips.


A dark red brow arched. “For what?”

“Doing this. I know you could have said no.”

He hesitated. “I enjoy your taste and the way you respond to me. It made me ache to be inside you. I am looking forward to the experience again.”

She held her breath as he lowered his face, his braid sliding over a broad shoulder to land in one long, thick rope over her leg. She shifted her hand from her ankle to touch his tightly bound hair, her fingers testing the soft texture. He followed her focus as he watched her stroke his hair.

“I want you to unbraid your hair.”


She hesitated. “After.”

“If you are interested in long hair, why do you have yours cut at your shoulders?”

“Have you ever climbed inside an oxygen generator to replace the gears or change the filters?” She tried to not laugh at his puzzled expression. “Yeah. I have to climb inside to get to them. It’s damn tight in there but it beats taking the whole assembly apart. If I had long hair I’d have to pin it tight to my head to not get it caught. I’m a mechanic, Iron. I probably should keep it shorter than it is now but hell, sometimes it’s the only feminine thing I have left. You’ve seen my work outfits. I can’t wear jewelry. Makeup is a waste of time and the only thing I’d attract is other women, which isn’t something I’d like to do.”

He frowned. “Your job sounds dangerous.”

“Only if someone were to turn on the fans while I’m in there. It wouldn’t happen to me twice, I can tell you that. I’d be chopped and diced in seconds.”

“Why did you take a dangerous job? You’re a woman. Most of the mechanics I have met are male.”

“My father is a mechanic. Every weekend since I was four years old he took some of us kids to work with him to give my mother a break from all of us. I was working on hovercrafts about the time I learned how to read. It’s something I know and I’m good at it.” She paused. “And there’s mega money.”

Iron’s face lowered and Dawn shut up. She closed her eyes as his warm breath fanned her pu**y. Her ni**les tightened into hard pebbles and her vaginal walls clenched. Anticipation made her breathe a little faster and her heart rate accelerated. She really wanted him to lick her within an inch of her life again.

Thick fingers spread her tender folds as he exposed her cl*t and opened her up to his view. “You are so pink.”

Dawn opened her eyes, looking down her body at his handsome face hovering between her thighs. “You sound surprised.”

His gaze lifted to meet hers. “We are gray.” His focus went back to her sex.

“Haven’t you ever slept with a human besides me?”

He shook his head. “No. Just cyborg women. I was offered the opportunity a few times while on Earth, to have sex with some of my trainers or guards but I was angry at the time, not wanting to be further used by the humans who had created me.”

His thumb brushed over her slit, hesitating there and then let the pad of it play with her inner lips to the entrance. “Cyborg women tend to be white here but you are so pink and so small. Did I hurt you at all when I was inside you? It wasn’t my intention.”

“You felt really good,” she admitted softly. “I thought you’d hurt me but you were surprisingly gentle.”

He looked back up at her, his eye narrowing. “You expected me to be like a sex droid.” His lips tightened into a line. “I’m not.”

“I was pissed. I say a lot of stupid things when I’m mad or scared. I was actually both. I don’t really think you’re a robot.”

He moved suddenly, his mouth opening and his tongue came out to brush against her clit. He didn’t look away from her eyes, locking gazes with her as he licked again, then again, lapping at her.

Dawn released his braid and gripped her ankle again to keep her legs wide-open and her knees locked near her shoulders. His tongue was a little raspy over her sensitive bud, at first bringing her a good sensation but then he applied more pressure with every flick of his tongue, pushing the hood of her cl*t up as it hardened with need. The pleasure intensified into raw rapture. She had to close her eyes to break eye contact with him.

Her back arched and moans burst from her. “Oh God, Iron,” she panted. “Do that sucking thing. Please?”

Full lips wrapped around her swollen clit, sealing over it, and he pressed his face tighter between her thighs as he started to gently suck, his tongue pressed tightly to her bud while he started to furiously rub it against her.

She had to let go of her ankles. She managed to keep her thighs spread, though the urge to slam them closed was there. Her feet ended up somewhere on his warm back as her fingers clawed at the edges of the bed. Her back arched as she bucked her hips, his hands trying to hold her ass to the bed so she didn’t get away from that wonderful mouth of his, working her hard now. It built inside her, that sheer bliss and an almost painful need. Her pu**y ached to be filled, a warmth spreading down there, knowing she was probably soaked with her need to be f**ked, to find release, and her cries were getting louder. She needed to come.

She couldn’t take it anymore, it was rapture turning to pain, but then Iron moved his thumb, pushed it inside her pu**y, and it sent her over the edge. Dawn yelled out Iron’s name as she came, the cl**ax tearing through her body as spasms squeezed around his thumb buried inside her. He groaned against her cl*t and she cried out his name again, trying to twist her h*ps out of his hold, unable to take more. The pleasure was turning to pain but then he released her cl*t and removed his thumb from her, letting her go with his mouth. Dawn went limp.

“Oh God,” she panted. “You can do that to me any damn time.”

“I’ll tie you down next time,” his voice was raspy, rough, and a little harsh as he spoke. “You are little but you move a lot.”

Forcing her eyes open, Dawn looked down at him. “Give me a minute and then it’s your turn.”

He pushed up to his hands and knees. “Now.” He reached for her, gripping her hips, and easily rolled her over.

Dawn found herself facedown in seconds, flat on her stomach, and then his hands gripped her hips, lifting her to her knees so her ass was in the air and her face was on the mattress. She grabbed at the bedding to brace, knowing what was coming as the thick crown of his c**k brushed the crack of her ass, slid down to the wetness of her release, and slid through it to brush her oversensitive cl*t before sliding upward, spreading her cream on him to coat his broad crown well.

“Fuck me,” she said softly, spreading her thighs a few inches apart.

“Crawl more toward the wall,” he ordered her.

She lifted her head and pushed up with her arms to get her chest off the mattress. She crawled to the headboard and gripped it with both hands. When she looked over her shoulder it was to watch Iron inch closer, his c**k looking much darker than his lighter skin shade. His c**k looked rock hard, bigger than ever, and she could tell he was really turned-on.

“Ease into me. You’re big. Once I get adjusted you can f**k me as hard or as fast as you want.”

He didn’t speak, agreed to nothing, but then he was against her again, his c**k head pressing her slit, hesitating there as his hand gripped her hip to hold her steady. He reached up to put his other hand flat on the wall to brace. She looked up at his hand and then he pushed into her.

Dawn gripped the headboard as Iron slowly entered her, stretching her, forcing her to take all of him in one fluid movement until his h*ps were pressed against her ass. He stopped there, buried deep, making her feel how hard he was, how he filled her pu**y snugly, and she could have taken his pulse, the way she could feel his shaft throbbing.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he almost whispered. “You make me feel very pleased.”

He started to move then, pulling out torturously slowly and then pressing back in deep. Dawn let her head drop and pushed back slowly, finding his rhythm and meeting it, using her hold on the headboard to brace as well as for leverage. The pace increased and so did the frenzy she experienced to come again. He was pure ecstasy and heaven inside her, making her feel more rapture than she ever had. He moved even faster and the sensation became almost painful, it was that good. Dawn was hovering on cl**ax, so close, and then his hand slid from her hip to her lower stomach until his fingers curved around her mound. Two fingers pressed against her clit, the motion of them f**king rubbed her just right, and that was it for Dawn. She screamed out, her pu**y clamping down on his hammering cock, and bliss gripped her so strongly she nearly passed out.

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