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“Wait a second. I think we should talk about this. I—”

He growled low in his throat, the sound scary. “I said be silent. You agreed to be my slave.” His eyes narrowed dangerously. “This is not a time for you to be human with your wasted emotions.” He hesitated. “They are no concern to me. I want sex and I am willing to activate you to do it but if you anger me our joint pleasure will no longer be a goal of mine.”

Her mouth opened and slammed closed. She took a breath as anger flooded her. “Like I’m going to enjoy this no matter how it goes down. Right. Let me clue you in, cyborg. Unless you vibrate and are shaped like my favorite sex toy, there isn’t going to be any joint pleasure.”

The hand on her thigh tightened. “You’re comparing me to a sex toy?”

Had she insulted him?

“Do you have a sex droid model? We have stolen a few shipments of them so I’m aware of what they are and their functions.” His tone lowered to a gravelly tone. “You compare me to one of those brainless robots? They say about forty phrases and you have to position them to move the way you want them to before activating them.” He glared at her. “They are very limited at even that.” He paused. “You said you hadn’t had sex in two years. I am starting to understand why human males won’t touch you. You are a very disagreeable female. I can assure you I am nothing like a sex droid.”

“Tried one, did you? You sound like you know a lot about them. Was it your girlfriend?” Damn, she regretted saying that as soon as the words were out of her mouth. Sometimes she said things before her brain caught up and she was always flip with her remarks, especially when angry.

He glared at her. She glared back. So far he hadn’t hurt her but she figured if she didn’t get control of her temper that would change fast. She wondered if she’d already pushed him too far.

“Sex droids may have limited speech but at least they don’t talk offensively. Has anyone ever told you that you have a foul mouth for a female?”

“If you wanted someone with polite conversational skills you should have kidnapped a diplomat. I’m a mechanic who grew up around men. I had to work so I never attended charm school.”

He leaned forward as his attention returned to her exposed pu**y. She tensed as his hand left her thigh and both his hands reached between them. She jerked as his thumbs spread her farther apart, opening her sex lips wide. He ignored her struggles while he shifted his big body back to lower his face until his hot breath fanned her exposed pu**y.

“Do you know what I’m going to enjoy more than f**king you?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “The knowledge that you can resist me but you can’t win. That is punishment enough for your insults.”

“Fuck you, cyborg. Go ahead and try to activate me. I did agree to this and I keep my word so let’s get this over with. Just do what you want to my body but you better not hurt me.”

He growled a second before shock tore through her as his mouth closed over her clit. It was hot and wet, shocking her. He hesitated only a second before he tested the flesh against his tongue by licking her. She jerked hard in her restraints, trying to get away, but she couldn’t. He’d tied her legs too securely for her to move away from his seeking mouth.

Dawn closed her eyes tightly as she turned her head, trying not to feel anything as his tongue lapped at her clit. It was a shocking sensation and worse, it was starting to feel good, pleasurable in a raw way. She realized that her tense body made it worse, enhancing the sensation even more so she forced herself to relax. Some of the pleasure eased back but it was still there.

His mouth and tongue toyed with her clit, drawing her body toward response. Her ni**les tightened and her belly quivered along with her vaginal walls. A moan started to build so she clenched her teeth together. She’d rather die than let the bastard hear how he was turning her on.

She arched her back, lifting it from the mattress, but it didn’t get her farther away from that mouth. If anything it pressed her pu**y tighter against his face. She jerked back down and turned her head the other way as her hands gripped the metal in a white-knuckled hold.

He growled against her clit, sending vibrations through the oversensitive, hardening flesh. A small whimper came from her throat, though she hadn’t meant to make it. Breathing was getting difficult as she took choppy breaths, gasping air into her lungs when she realized she’d been holding her breath. He sucked on her, licked at her harder, with more pressure, increasing the speed of his tongue, rubbing up and down against the sensitive nub.

She was going to come. She tried to imagine a dead body, the time the sewage line had burst on the space station and she’d literally had to clean up shit for a week, but not even her worst memories could mute her pleasure. Dawn knew she couldn’t fight her body and the jackass had been right. He was totally in control of her body now. Her body tensed in anticipation a few seconds before rapture tore through her as the cl**ax hit. She cried out, unable to stop the sound that passed her lips.

The hot mouth tore away from her. She sagged in relief, her pu**y clenching and twitching from her release, and she realized she was panting as if she’d gone jogging as the pleasure-induced haze started to clear.

A thick finger slowly pushed inside her pu**y, unexpected as hell. Her eyes flew open and she couldn’t look away from the man between her spread thighs. His full lips curved into a smirk of satisfaction as he watched her through hooded eyes.

“You’re prepared for me now.” He withdrew his finger from her body. “Now you’re going to take me.”

He shifted on the cot, his hands coming down next to her chest to grip the edges of the bed frame. She just stared up at him in mute shock as he stretched out over her, keeping his weight off her while he positioned his body. He slowly lowered over her. She gasped as his hard c**k pressed against her wet pu**y and then, with a small hip adjustment on his part, he came down on her, letting gravity work with him to push into her.

She threw her head back as his thick, rigid c**k breached her pu**y. Her vagina stretched to accommodate the big bastard, her treacherous body soaked to help ease him inside her. He kept pushing his c**k into her, making her body take more and more of him, until he settled snugly on top of her.

She’d never been so damn full in her life as she was at that moment. His c**k was thick, hard, and just…big. Her pu**y was wrapped tight around him, almost to the point of pain. He didn’t move on her, just took slow, deep breaths. She opened her eyes, wondering why he was frozen there over her. She couldn’t stop him, had agreed to this and couldn’t fight back even if she hadn’t, so why wasn’t he just f**king her already?

Dawn couldn’t help but notice his eyes were beautiful up close. They were a dark blue with flecks of a lighter shade of blue. Their faces were almost nose-to-nose. He had lowered his head enough to level them out some, though he was quite a bit taller than her. He was staring into her eyes and she couldn’t look away. He took another slow, deep breath, making his chest crush down on hers just enough to make her aware that if his arms weren’t bracing his upper-body weight, she wouldn’t be able to breathe.

“Should I f**k you like one of those droids?”

Speechless, she just stared at him.

He slowly withdrew almost totally out of her body and then pushed back in. She closed her eyes at the wonderful sensation. He was so damn big and thick that she could feel him hitting every nerve ending she had. She was turned-on and the sensations were really good, though she’d rather die than admit it to him.

He lowered his face to the side of her neck. His breath was hot, fanning her skin, tickling a little before he froze on her again. “I’m not a sex droid. They don’t kiss or adjust their movements to the little gasps and moans you make. I do all that.”

Full lips whispered across her skin under her ear, causing her to shiver in the good way, her br**sts puckering as his hot skin slid against them. Inside her, his c**k throbbed, buried deep, and it was a pleasurable sensation. His tongue rasped against her earlobe before teeth gently nipped. She turned her head more, giving him freer access.

“Tell me you want me,” he murmured as he scattered teasing little kisses and nips over the side of her neck. “Do you want me fast and hard or slow, with me almost removing my c**k from you, to drive in deep again, over and over?”

Her pu**y clenched in response, her back arching. She wasn’t in control anymore and didn’t even want to be. Raw lust flared in her and as she turned her head, she forced him to pull back so she could look into his eyes as she made a decision.

“Fast and hard. But I need my cl*t stimulated.”

If he was surprised at her answer, he hid it well. He nodded and shifted a little, adjusting the angle of his c**k so his shaft pressed against her exposed clit. He started to move then, thrust into her fast, pulled back fast, and drove forward so their skin slapped together.

Dawn watched his face, experiencing rapture as her body responded to the overload of sensations his pounding c**k gave her. He didn’t ease up on her clit, careful that every motion he made in and out of her body rubbed against her swollen bud, the wetness from her soaking them both, making them a well-oiled sex machine, together. She knew she was close, knew he was close when she saw his eyes close, his jaw clench. Sweat beaded his brow. He was fighting the urge to come, she knew it, and took satisfaction that she wasn’t the only one gripped by the passion that flared between them.

Giving in to the pleasure, she let herself come. The cl**ax tore through her and a cry came from her parted lips. She could feel him blasting his release inside her, while hot jets of se**n filled her, felt good to her. She’d never come so hard in her life, she realized seconds later when the haze of sheer bliss faded enough to take in the fact that he was still buried balls-deep in her pu**y and she was pressed tight against him.

Iron’s eyes opened. “I’m better than a sex droid, aren’t I?”

She was tempted to say no, to flat-out lie, but then she saw a hint of something in his eyes. She was good at reading people, had to be with all the women she’d dealt with over the years that she’d had to try to keep sane on a small space station. She saw loneliness in his beautiful gaze, even a hint of insecurity, and a possible need for someone to boost his ego. Maybe he wasn’t such a cold bastard after all.

“You’re much better.”

His body relaxed and his lips curved upward just slightly.

“This will work between us.”

Dawn licked her lips. “If you think it’s going to be that easy, think again.”

Iron’s smile died. “You’re going to be difficult for me?”

She smiled. “You have no idea.”

Chapter Four

Dawn paced the small quarters, feeling anger. Where was Iron? She looked at the clock on the wall. Eight damn hours had passed since he’d brought her breakfast, leaving again after spending only few minutes in the room. She was hungry, damn it, and he’d deactivated the inner door panel so she couldn’t jimmy the control pad to escape. She really wished that Cathy hadn’t told him that she had the skill to open any door.

She’d had last night and all day to think. There hadn’t been anything else to do but deal with her thoughts and she had enjoyed that foam cleansing unit he had. It beat the hell out of rubbing gel on her skin and just letting it air dry. The foam sprayed her na**d body, fizzed in a pleasant way while it cleaned her until it melted like water to drip down her body. She’d been refreshed afterward. The cyborg even had thick, soft towels to dry with. The Star was a luxury class-A starship which, hands down, was better than the space station she lived on.

She was stuck with Iron until she could find a way to escape. That could take some time, she knew, and that meant she could either pout or make the best of her situation. Iron was great in bed, that was a plus, and she wasn’t going to be spare parts for any of his friends.

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