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“We had this discussion.” Iron walked down the ramp and turned his head.

Dawn met his gaze. She resisted the urge to make her presence known to the other woman. Iron looked back at Fiona as his arms crossed over his muscled chest.

“We need to discuss it again.” The woman frowned at Iron. “The sex between us was pleasing, we’re breeding compatible, and our children would share our unique qualities. It is a perfectly logical choice to join together.”

“I am grateful that you thought of me but I have to decline.” Iron spun on his heel to walk back up the ramp and away from the woman.

Fiona grabbed his arm strongly enough to spin him back around. She stepped into Iron, her body pressing against his, revealing that she was just about an inch shorter than he was as their faces nearly touched.

“Take a walk with me and we’ll reacquaint our bodies. I have learned much over the years that I believe you will deem a very enjoyable experience.”

Dawn saw red and her temper flared to life as Fiona reached down and gripped Iron between his parted thighs, cupping his crotch. It made it worse when Iron didn’t jerk away but instead just frowned, totally held himself immobile as he stared at Fiona.

“I have thought of you often,” the woman told him. “I will share my thoughts of what I wanted to do with you.”

That’s it, Dawn thought. She shifted her legs over the outer rim of the thruster tube and turned, gripping the edge hard. She swung her legs, her ass sliding off the edge she’d perched on, and gravity took her. Pain shot up her arms a little when her hands caught her weight so she didn’t just drop hard to the ground. She swung twice from the momentum and then released the rim and landed on her feet.

Brushing her sore palms on her jumpsuit, Dawn fixed her attention on the woman who was touching Iron as she stormed quickly toward them. Iron hadn’t moved and now the woman was rubbing the seam of his pants, caressing his cock.

“You know it would be good between us and—”

“Get your hands off him!”

Dawn launched herself at the bitch. She grabbed the redhead and clasped the hand on Iron’s crotch, pulling the cyborg woman’s fingers away and wrenching them brutally back. She yanked her away from Iron. Fiona cried out in pain.

A fist flew at Dawn’s face. She jerked her head to the side and knuckles grazed her jaw but the punch didn’t land. Dawn used her hold on the fingers locked in her grip to jerk hard on Fiona. Another cry of pain erupted but Dawn was too pissed off to care if she was hurting the bitch who had molested Iron.

A leg shot out that Dawn never saw coming, hitting her in the hip hard enough to knock her off balance. She would have fallen but strong hands grabbed her h*ps as Iron steadied her.

“Enough,” he roared.

Fiona tore her fingers out of Dawn’s grasp and threw a punch. Dawn dodged it but it hit Iron in the throat. He made a horrible choking sound, his hands releasing Dawn as he stumbled back. Turning her head, she saw Iron grab his throat as he struggled to breathe and alarm was instant in Dawn. She hesitated until he sucked in a large breath, making it obvious that he was recovering. She turned on the cyborg woman with a vengeance.

Dawn tackled Fiona, her body slamming into the other woman’s firm body, taking them both to the ground. It only took Dawn a second to recuperate as she lifted up by grabbing the woman by her throat with her left hand as she punched her square in the mouth with a right hook. Pain shot up Dawn’s arm but she hauled her fist back to nail the bitch again. The second punch never landed as her arm was grabbed by a firm hand and an arm wrapped around her waist. Iron jerked her body off Fiona and backed away from the downed cyborg.

Fiona rolled over, grabbing her face as she sat up. She turned her head, checking her hand for blood but there was none. Her furious glare locked on Dawn. “How dare you attack me?”

“How dare you touch Iron that way,” Dawn spat, wiggling in Iron’s hold. “Keep your damn hands to yourself.” She glared openly at the cyborg. The woman had taken liberties with her man. “He said no to you, so get lost.”

Green eyes narrowed and a frown curved Fiona’s lips as she rose to her feet. “You dare speak to me? You dare attack me?”

“I dare.” Dawn wasn’t one to back down. “Keep your grubby hands off Iron or I’ll help you with that little problem you have.”

“Dawn!” Iron’s tone was harsh. “Enough.”

He set Dawn on her feet and then moved between them. He grabbed Fiona, who took a step toward Dawn to go after her.

“Do not, Fiona. She doesn’t understand what attacking you means. She is mine so she thinks she is protecting me.”

Fiona tore her furious gaze from Dawn to stare at Iron. “She is yours?”

“Yes,” Iron confirmed.

Anger darkened the woman’s features. “You are having sexual intercourse with a human?”

“Yes. I told you I was in a family unit with one.” Iron released Fiona but stayed between Dawn and the furious cyborg female. “She even carries my brand.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You were told that once on Garden you will all be marked with your names on your bodies. Dawn is marked as mine, carrying the same tattoos that I have on my skin.”

Shock etched the woman’s features as she stared at Iron. “Why would you do that? She’s just a human. I thought you were lying to me about being in a unit with one. It sounds so permanent.”

“It is.”

“That’s not acceptable.” Green eyes slanted on Dawn. “We will give her to another male. I won’t share your attention with a rival female and especially not with the enemy.”

“She is not the enemy.” Iron paused. “I am contracted in a family unit with her and will never give her to someone else.”

Pure rage gripped Fiona’s features. “Why would you do that? She’s a puny human and you’re a valuable rarity.”

Dawn stepped sideways so she could glare at the other woman. Puny? She wanted to snort. Okay, maybe I’m short, she admitted silently, but she knew the other woman was purposely being insulting.

“I wanted the contract.” Iron paused. “She is mine and no other male has the right to touch her.”

“If that is your reason for rejecting me then I will find other males who are unable to function in that manner. We have two males here who were damaged beyond repair that I could join with so you would be the only male having physical contact with me.” Fiona’s focus shifted back to Dawn. “She could kill you while you are vulnerable. I would never trust one of those.”

“I told you of my decision and it is final. Thank you for the offer but I must refuse.” Iron turned and jerked his head toward Dawn. “Go back to work, Dawn. I believe Ice could use you inside the shuttle. He is changing out some damaged wires and your smaller hands would be useful in that task.”

Dawn had to resist the urge to argue with him, knowing it would really upset him. The last thing she wanted was to leave him alone with the grabby-handed woman but as she met his intense gaze, she knew she had no choice.

“Sure.” Dawn shot a glare at the other woman. “Keep your paws off him.”

Fiona took a threatening step toward Dawn. Iron moved fast, stepping between them again. He opened his arms to make sure that Fiona didn’t lunge at Dawn, protecting her from attack. Moving slowly, Dawn eased by him and walked up the shuttle ramp into the interior. She stepped to the side of the door and froze there, eavesdropping. She didn’t feel an ounce of guilt over it either.

“This is unacceptable, Iron.” Fury was evident in Fiona’s tone. “I have familiarized myself with Garden’s breeding laws and family unit contracts since I lead my females. I was given a copy of them when I requested it yesterday. Your genetics and mine are a perfect match for breeding and carrying on our unique traits to future generations. If you refuse to accept my request I will go before the council we have formed to make them order you to breed with me. Logic will prevail over your fondness for a pathetic human.”

“Don’t do that, Fiona.” Iron’s tone was cold. “I don’t want you. If you force the issue, you will regret it.”

“You are the male I want to breed with and your objections are noted but not a concern of mine.”

“I have already been granted family status with the human so you will not get your way.”

“Then I will get a list of your breeding pact members and join with them. On the terms of special breeding requirements, code nine-two, I can force you to breed with me. Wouldn’t you like access to products we produce? If you refuse a family unit contract then you would only be a donor with no rights to them.”

“I don’t want you.”

“I do not care what you want,” Fiona ground out. “I have been stuck on this planet with only six males to share. They were not males of my specifications but I had to make do with their availability. You are obtainable to me so I will not let this issue go. I am determined to carry on my genes with you as the contributing donor.”

“Do what you have to do. I have tasks to complete and my shift time is running down.” Iron still sounded furious. “If you want to take this before the council I have no way to stop you but if you do go through my breeding pact to get to me, do not expect the shared sex to be enjoyable. I don’t like to be forced to do anything.”

Dawn knew the color drained from her face. Breeding pact? What the hell? Her mind raced but she didn’t know what to think. Could the tall redheaded cyborg somehow force Iron into her bed? Cold fury hit Dawn at the idea of Iron being touched by another woman. No way in hell was she going to allow that to happen.

Easing away from the doorway she walked past the docking doors into the main part of the small shuttle. By current sizes the shuttle was more of a life pod than something to travel in. It would only hold about eight people in the one room that doubled as a cargo hold and cockpit.

Ice was lying on the floor on his back under one of the piloting stations, his legs bent, and his upper body out of sight. Dawn hesitated and then moved closer.

“I was ordered to help you out.”

Silence greeted her statement and then Ice slid out from under the console, inching out enough to stare at her with narrowed eyes. “Get down here then. It is very cramped. They made them too damn small when this was built.”

Work was always good for Dawn while she pondered something. She dropped carefully to her knees and rolled over, getting flat on her back next to the big cyborg. She wiggled under the long panel next to him.

“Good thing we aren’t claustrophobic, huh?”

“Speak for yourself,” Ice muttered.

Sympathy welled up in her for him as she aligned herself so they were inches apart and she was able to see what he was doing. The smell of burned wire tickled her nose, letting her know he’d been cutting and replacing them. She studied the exposed wires and winced.

“Damn. That’s some outdated shit. It’s amazing these things didn’t catch fire more often, huh?”

Ice grunted.

“You’re really talkative, aren’t you?”

He turned his head, their faces nearly touching. “Why don’t you start with the T wires and I’ll work on the N lines?”

She cocked her head, tilting it to glance up at the tools spread out above his head within easy reach. In seconds she had a cutter in hand and was removing some of the frayed wires she found above her.

“What’s a breeding pact, Ice?”

The cyborg froze next to her, wire in one hand, cutting tool in the other. “You should ask Iron your questions.”

“I’m asking you.”

“Ask him.” Ice went back to work.

Dawn worked silently, replacing old wire with new for a good ten minutes but then she couldn’t stand it anymore. “What are breeding pacts? Can a woman make Iron f**k her because of one?”

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