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Grinning, Dawn took a handful of his hair and rubbed it over his nipple. It responded instantly, hardening into a stiff point. Her gaze lifted to his. She wiggled her eyebrows.

Iron suddenly rolled them over, pinning her down. “You will pay for that.”

Chapter Eight

“I can’t wait.” Dawn grinned, not feeling fear at all. “Are you going to tie me up and f**k me?”

Beautiful dark blue eyes widened slightly with surprise. “You’d enjoy that?”

“I would,” she admitted softly. She played with his hair that fell over his shoulders, her hands not able to touch it enough. “You’re so damn sexy, Iron. Have I mentioned that to you?”

He tilted his head to stare down at her with a frown. “I believe you mean it.”

“You don’t need to look so happy about it.”

“I’m not happy.”

“Have you ever heard of sarcasm, baby?”

“Why do you call me that?”

“Baby?” Dawn shifted her legs, wrapping them around the back of his thighs where he had her pinned flat under him. “Does it bother you?”

“I’m not a child.”

“It’s a sweet nickname. It beats me calling you other names, doesn’t it?”

“You could call me Iron.”

“I could call you ass**le too. Don’t push your luck.”

His frown deepened. Dawn sighed.

“What’s wrong with me calling you ‘baby’ sometimes? It’s not an insult. It’s something I say when I’m feeling close to you. What’s your problem?”

“I don’t like it.”

Taking a deep breath, she expelled the air from her lungs. “Fine. I won’t call you baby anymore.”

She untangled her fingers from his hair and reached up under his arms so she could put her arms around his waist. She smiled as she let her hands slide down and fill with beefy muscled ass. She loved touching him. Iron’s eyes widened as she massaged his ass cheeks.

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m enjoying the feel of your ass.” She shifted her hips, feeling the hard press of his c**k against her thigh. “I’m so wet from going down on you. Either f**k me or play with me. I don’t care if you use your mouth or your fingers but I need you to touch me.”

Iron pushed up and slowly slid down her body, forcing her to release her grip on his ass. Dawn smiled as his hair trailed along her sides, tickling her in the best way. She spread her thighs as her heart sped up. She loved him going down her body and the light kisses he brushed along the way had her cl*t throbbing with need to be touched by the time his lips finally reached her inner thigh, inches from the place she ached.

He turned his head a little and his fingers spread her sex lips apart. Dawn stretched her thighs as wide as possible and bent her knees up out of his way as she reached down to touch his hair that was across both sides of her thighs. It was a sensual thing to have his long tresses teasing her flesh as he started to lick her cl*t with the tip of his tongue.

“That feels amazing,” she whispered, bowing her back so her h*ps tilted to offer him better access. “I’m so turned-on.”

Iron’s full lips encircled her swollen nub as he started to gently suck, the flat of his tongue going to work on her. Bliss poured through Dawn at his intimate kiss, drawing her closer to cl**ax. Her body tensed and her vaginal walls tightened as his tongue moved faster, rubbing against her in a way that had her panting and moaning loudly. Her fingers released his hair so she didn’t pull it, grabbing for the bedding next to her h*ps instead, to claw at it.

His hand shifted and a finger slowly entered her pu**y to push in deep, coaxing a louder moan from her. She moved her h*ps slowly and almost cried out in protest when that finger withdrew but before she could, he pushed in two digits, the feeling of him stretching her, pushing in deep as he started to finger-fuck her to the pace his tongue set. Dawn tossed her head, arched her back, and cried out his name as pleasure slammed through her as she came.

His mouth left her cl*t with one last tug and his fingers withdrew. His hair caressed her body as he lifted up, the mattress shifting with his weight as he inched up her body enough that he hovered just over her. Dawn opened her eyes to stare into his passion-filled gaze.

He braced his upper body with one hand and reached between them, grabbing his hard c**k to steer it right where she wanted him. The crown of his sex slid through her wet and creamy slit twice before he positioned himself right at the entrance of her pu**y. With a shift of his h*ps he entered her with one strong thrust.

Dawn cried out in pleasure as he filled her an inch at a time. Her hands released the bedding to grab onto his shoulders, her palms sliding over the tattoos across the tops of his shoulders to his back, pulling him down on her as he settled his chest against hers. She loved having his weight pin her, his sheer size making her feel petite and feminine as he adjusted until he was bracing his body with his elbows. Their gazes remained locked as he started to move.

She wrapped her legs high on his waist, her heels digging into his ass where she could feel muscles flexing as he picked up the speed of his driving hips. She didn’t look away from his gaze as he powered into her, making her feel passion reignite with every movement he made. They moved together, building the desire they shared until her body tensed in promise of another mind-blowing orgasm.

Iron shifted his h*ps more, lifting up a little to drive downward inside her body. With every movement the shaft of his c**k rubbed against her swollen and already oversensitive clit. The overload of intense stimulation of her sex was too much to take anymore. There was no holding back as she started to buck under him, ecstasy tearing through her from her pu**y straight to her brain. Dawn threw her head back, her eyes closing, and she cried out Iron’s name, feeling her inner muscles quiver and shake with the force of her orgasm.

“Dawn,” Iron groaned, his head falling forward to drop against her shoulder. His h*ps jerked in sharp movements.

Holding him tightly until he stilled after his own release tore through him was heaven to Dawn. The sex between them was incredible and intense. Pure satisfaction held her in its grip, such a warm and wonderful sensation that she wished she could freeze the moment in time forever to keep. She loved being under him, wrapped around his body, to be a part of him while they were still physically joined. She turned her head enough so they were cheek to cheek as they caught their breath.

He’s mine, Dawn thought. He carries my name on his body like I carry his. He married us according to cyborg law. She had always been afraid to commit, afraid of getting hurt again but she had to admit to herself as she clung to Iron that she didn’t hate the thought of staying with him. It stunned her, as she lay there, to realize that the last thing she wanted was to escape.

Iron nuzzled her, his lips brushing the top of her shoulder. “I like seeing my brand on you.”

His breath tickled a little but then the tip of his tongue slid on her skin as he brushed it against her, and then he turned his face into her neck, just lying on her, holding her. He didn’t move off or try to separate them, seemingly content to just stay as they were. She was grateful for it.


“Am I crushing you?” He started to lift up off her.

Dawn clung to him. “Don’t move. Please? Just stay this way.”

He relaxed on her, settling back to the way he’d been. “This is pleasant. Are you sure you I’m not too heavy?”

“I’m sure.” She hesitated. “Since we’re married, will you please sleep with me now?”

His body barely tensed but it was noticeable. “I don’t believe that would be a good idea.”

Sadness filled her instantly. “You still think I’m going to try to hurt you?”

He hesitated. “I don’t fully trust you yet.”

She turned her head away. Great, she thought, I’m married to a guy who won’t share a bed with me while he’s asleep and vulnerable. “What do you think I’m going to do?”

“If I were in your place, I would try to coax my captor into believing I was docile and then escape the first chance opportunity arose.”

“I’m not you.” She paused. “I’m still stunned we’re married but I don’t hate the concept as much as I thought I would now that I know it means that it’s just us in this relationship.”

Iron’s head lifted and she knew he was staring at her. She turned her head to meet his gaze. He studied her features closely for a good minute.

“You don’t look pleased with it either.”

“I’m married to a man who won’t sleep with me. If I wanted to escape, I wouldn’t do it while you were sleeping next to me. This bed is so damn small we’re going to be plastered together so you would wake up if I tried to get out of bed. Isn’t it smarter if you watch me every chance you get if you’re so worried about that? Hell, you being gone so much gives me more opportunities if I wanted to bust out of this room.”

He nodded. “True, but if I keep my distance from you then when you attempt it I won’t take it as personally as I would if I let you spend more time with me.”

His honesty stunned her. “So that’s your big plan? You want to have four kids with me at some point but you’re going to keep us emotionally distanced?”

“That is the plan.”

“Your plan sucks.” Anger started to burn inside her. “I don’t want that kind of marriage. If we’re going to do this, then don’t be half-assed about it, Iron. You either want a wife or a sex slave.”

“I have both.”

“Damn it,” she hissed. She pushed at his chest. “Get up.”

He withdrew from her body as he eased his weight off, pushing up with his arms to get on his knees on the bed. Dawn scooted back to sit up and glare at him the second she was free. She went to her knees, to face him.

“Do I have to kick your ass to get you to treat me right?”

“You couldn’t beat me in a fight.”

“Piss me off enough and you might be surprised.” She walked on her knees until she was inches from him. His body tensed but he didn’t move back to put more space between them. “You said we’re married so we might as well give it a shot.”

He just stared down at her.

“Damn it, Iron.” She reached up to place one hand on his chest while her other hand reached for a long lock of his hair that had fallen over his shoulder. She really loved his hair, she decided at her fingers played with the soft texture of it before she lifted her gaze his. “Let’s use your wonderful logic then.”

“There’s no logical reason why I should sleep in the same bed with you. I don’t know why you insist upon it. The bed is too small to share comfortably and logically you should appreciate not having to share small quarters with a roommate.”

“Okay, so logic is out. I want to sleep with you. I want to feel your skin against mine when I go to sleep and wake up. I want to use the cleansing unit with you and wash your back for you. I want you to wash mine. We’re ha**ng s*x and we should be more intimate in other ways. It might not be the smartest thing to do but I want it all the same.”

“The cleansing foam washes our bodies so I don’t need assistance.”

Frustration flared. “Damn, Iron. You’re killing me here. Washing each other’s backs isn’t because of a damn need to get cleaner. Have you ever shared a shower with someone?”

He shook his head. “No.”

Dawn released his hair and inched away from him, backing off the bed. She stared at him as she stood. “Come here.”

Iron only hesitated for a second before he moved to meet her. Dawn turned and went to the cleansing unit. She stepped over the rim on the floor and motioned him to follow.

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