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this an easy transition for you. I don’t want you to regret asking me to take you off that station and giving yourself to me.”

He’d need to speak to all the vessel commanders he usually worked with. It wasn’t conceivable to accept a mission unless Venice could travel with him. He refused to leave her on Garden, unprotected. Other cyborgs might approach her to test compatibility. Jealousy rose but he pushed it back. Venice had been clear she didn’t want other males. He guessed Flint, Iron, and Steel wouldn’t have issue with him bringing her when he reported for duty. They were with Earthers as well, and took their females with them on missions often.

He glanced around the room, silently promising to make his home appear more Earthlike. It stood to reason that she’d feel more comfortable calling it her own with items more familiar to the living quarters she’d once occupied. There was a warehouse of stored items they’d retrieved off Earth vessels. He’d get permission to take her there and chose whatever she desired.

He made mental lists of items she’d need. He enjoyed her wearing his clothing but she would need to be measured and fitted for her own wardrobe. He’d also have to discover what kinds of foods she enjoyed, so he could stock his home with them. Shoes would be needed. The one pair she’d worn when they met wouldn’t last long.

He carefully shifted her off him, laying her on her side. She didn’t wake. He climbed out of bed and put on pants, striding to his living room. He had a lot of calls to place. The first was to the cyborg he contacted when he needed new outfits. The tailor promised to come to his home in the evening. Venice would have clothing made and delivered to her within twenty-four hours.

He reached out to his father next, using the coms to do a visual connection. His father appeared on screen in seconds, concern on his features.

“Is something wrong? Has your mother contacted you already?”

“No. Everything is fine. I need your advice.”

“What is it?”

“What does Cyan enjoy eating? Are you aware of her preferences? She lived on Earth.”

Mavo smiled. “You could contact your sister and ask her.”

“Krell still doesn’t welcome my contacting her. He hasn’t forgiven me for helping you attempt to take her from him. He forgives you because of your fatherly feelings, but he suspected I had other interests in her.”

“He does show a high rate of possessiveness with Cyan.”

“I understand why he feels that way.”

“Take Venice to the food center and allow her to choose what appeals to her.”

“I don’t want to subject her to open scrutiny just yet.”

Mavo nodded. “Ah. Yes. Many will stare because she’ll be a curiosity.”

“Exactly. I want her to feel welcome on Garden. I don’t believe she realizes just how few Earthers live here. It might make her uncomfortable. I also wanted to ask you if you believe it would be a good idea to introduce her to other Earthers who are joined in family units with cyborgs.”

“This is her first day here. Don’t rush things. She will appreciate meeting those females in time, but give it a few days. I’ll com Cyan, make a list, and go to the food center for you on her recommendations. I’ll be there in about an hour.”

“Thank you.”

“You shouldn’t leave her alone. And upgrade your security.”

“You think other males will hear of Venice and try to make contact?”

Mavo leaned closer to the screen. “It’s possible. She’s an attractive female and not all will care that she’s from Earth. They won’t consider your claim of ownership since it’s technically against our laws. Some might even view it as a rescue attempt to take her from you.”

That angered Deviant. “It’s not that way.”

“We know that, and so does she, but look what we did with Cyan. We attempted to take her from Krell. We didn’t understand that they had bonded. Others might make the same mistake. Upgrade your security.”

“I’m on it.”

“And Deviant?”

He peered at his father. “Yes?”

“I know I’m approved to enter your home…but is your mother?”

He nodded.

“Change that.” Mavo cut the coms.

Deviant stared at the blank screen and sighed. His father had a point. His mother could be unpleasant, and he didn’t want Venice exposed to her. He walked over to his door, pressed his palm to the sensor, and worked in more safety protocols, stripping the permission to bypass the locks from everyone except his father.

He finished and turned away,

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