Loving Deviant Page 47

lower. “Not yet. I love how you respond to me.”

“I need you inside me.”


“I have none,” she admitted.

He placed kisses down her belly and scooted lower, using his hands to shove her legs wider apart. Venice moaned his name as he licked the inside of her thigh, inching closer to her pussy.

“I still have a lot to learn,” he teased.

“I think not.”

She forgot how to talk when he focused on her clit, licking and gently sucking on the bundle of nerves. His mouth was hot, his tongue lapping in long, slow strokes. His unhurried pace drove her insane and she panted, moaning as he notched up her level of need to come. She rolled her hips but he used his hold to immobilize them. Deviant was going to kill her with pleasure.

Deviant loved hearing Venice’s broken cries when she climaxed. He felt pride too. He’d heard it could be very difficult to manually stimulate a female’s sex drive, but no one had ever told him how stimulating it could be for the male. His dick ached from how stiff it had become, the desire to be inside her so intense it had become near painful.

He climbed up her body, hooked one of her knees over his arm, and pinned her open as he glanced down, watching as he entered her. She was wet and hot, felt amazing as he drove inside her tight confines. She grabbed at his biceps, digging her fingernails in but not enough to hurt. It felt fantastic. Everything about Venice did.

He lowered his upper body on top of her chest, smashing her breasts in the processes but remembering to brace one arm to keep most of his weight from crushing her. He loved being pressed so tight against her skin, having her under him as he rode her. Venice moaned and opened her eyes, staring into his gaze.

She belonged to him. He almost came from the knowledge that he would be the only one to ever see her beauty in the throes of passion. He loved it when she wrapped her other leg high on his waist and it gave him easier access to drive himself into her pussy. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back, his name on her lips.

He moved faster, riding her harder. Her vaginal muscles clenched around his cock tighter and tighter, until he lost the ability to hold back. Ecstasy struck and he gasped her name as his seed released into her body. He kept moving though, until she came too. Then he finally stilled, their bodies locked together.

He released her leg and placed kisses on her throat when she turned her head to the side, panting. He licked at the fine sheen of sweat glistening on her skin. The slightly salty taste was pleasant. Everything about Venice intrigued him. He just couldn’t get enough.

She eased her hold on his arms and caressed him. Her touch made him shiver in the best way. She bumped him with her chin as she turned her head again and he lifted up, finding her peering at him with a smile curving her lips. She licked them and he wanted to kiss her again.


“What does that mean?”

Her smile spread wider. “You. Us.”

He understood. “We’re exceptional together.”

“We are.”

He carefully rolled them over, making certain he didn’t hurt her, until she lay sprawled over his body. It was his turn to run his hands down her back. Her skin was soft, smooth, and he cupped her ass, pulling her tighter against him. She felt perfect in every way. Even her weight resting on top of him seemed right.

Venice drifted to sleep as he continued to stroke her skin, lightly massaging her from shoulders to ass. He knew she hadn’t slept well the evening before, after Stag had discovered her aboard the Varnish. He had tried to assure her that things would be fine but everything about cyborg life held uncertainty to her. Not that he could blame her for the worry.

Her life wouldn’t be easy at first, living with him. The planet, the rules of their society, everything would be foreign to her. He would need to take time off from his duties to help her adjust. That wouldn’t be a problem. Every cyborg who spent a lot of time off the surface on space missions was required to stay grounded for at least a month or two a year.

“You’re my priority,” he whispered, tucking his cheek against the top of her head. “I’ll make

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