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of amusement to us. The teams enjoy watching her work her section of land because she strips naked, since she doesn’t wish to get her clothing soiled. We’ve had a large number of single, young cyborg males volunteer to work agriculture since she arrived on Garden. She won’t allow anyone to touch her but they enjoy seeing her tending to her plants, minus clothes.”

Venice grinned. “That’s funny.”

“It is.”

“Was she there when you worked agriculture?”

“No. I might have enjoyed it more if she had been. It can become boring and tedious.”

A thought struck. “Is it safe for her?”

“You mean will a cyborg attack Rune?”

She nodded.

“No. She’s not technically a sentient being but she’s more than just a droid. She has developed a personality and who knows what she will become in time. She’s continually learning and adapting. There are a few cyborgs who interact with her and study her daily. She’s intriguing.”

“Is she dangerous? What if someone hits on her and she kills them?”

“It won’t happen. She was designed with safety protocols. She grows fruit trees, as an example, but refuses to pick them when they are mature. She sees that as killing the fruit. The other androids do the harvesting. She will defend herself but doesn’t cause harm. After the first few attempts cyborgs made to seduce her, it was banned for them to try.”

“And they will just follow that order?”

“Yes. We respect our laws, and Rune is unique. She’s valued. No one would dare do anything to harm her progression as she develops into her full potential, whatever that may be.”

Venice turned in his arms and hugged him around his waist. “I can see why you didn’t move. You’ve got the best views from your apartment, and the space is nice.”

“Do you really like it?”

“I do.” She glanced around. “It’s like four times the size of where I lived on Earth. My place could have fit into just your living room.”

He surprised her by suddenly lowering his head and kissing her. “It feels more like a home with you here.”

She released his waist and reached up, cupping his face and kissing him back. It was really sweet of him to say and it only reminded her that, once again, she wished he’d been the man she’d agreed to marry. It would have been wonderful if he’d been the real groom waiting for her on that station.

Deviant opened his mouth to her when she ran the tip of her tongue along his bottom lip. He lifted her right off her feet and carried her across the room to the bed, only putting her down when they reached it. He pulled his mouth away. “I want you.”

She began to strip, hoping they wouldn’t be interrupted. She already missed the time they’d had together when no one had been aware of her existence. He tore at his uniform and boots. It made her laugh as they seemed to have a contest going on who could get naked first. Venice won, and stretched out on the bed, lying on her back. She crooked her finger at him to join her and he grinned, climbing on the bed.

“We have plenty of room on this bed.”

“I actually miss your bunk. It made sure we cuddled when we slept.”

He pinned her under him. “I’m still going to hold you while we sleep. I enjoy having you curled up against me.”

She spread her legs, making room for his hips to cradle between her thighs. “No clothes though.”

He chuckled. “No clothing. You love skin-to-skin contact. I’m fond of it myself.”

She slid her fingers into his hair, stroking the silky strands, and stared into the utter blueness of his eyes. “I just love touching you.”

“And I love you touching me.” He lowered his mouth, taking possession of hers.

They took their time, slowly exploring each other’s bodies. She ran her fingernails lightly down his back, along his spine, to the curve of his butt. She opened her hands and gave his cheeks a squeeze. He groaned against her mouth and broke the kiss, trailing his mouth lower down her chin, then to her throat.

She didn’t complain as he slid his body down the bed and his hot mouth and tongue trailed to her breast. He was a fast learner, something she had already discovered, since he quickly had her arching her back and clutching at his shoulders.

“I need you.” She hooked her legs around his, trying to pull him up her body.

He released her breast and ran his mouth even

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