Loving Deviant Page 22

too strong to be denied.

He bent his legs, braced them, and pumped harder. The bed shook but no pain or fear showed in her features. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist in response.

He moved faster and the pleasure increased. A beep sounded in the background but he ignored it, not caring about anything but finding his own release—which came with brutal force. He clenched his teeth to avoid making loud noises. The strong aftermath left him trembling when he stilled on top of Venice.

Her hands stroked his back and her grip around his hips lessened. “I love feeling you inside me,” she admitted.

Deviant realized she hadn’t climaxed with him, and he tensed. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Her gaze wasn’t accusing or angry.

“You felt too good and I was selfish.”

She smiled. “You got me off first. That just amplified it when you were inside me. I have no complaints.”

The beep sounded again and she turned her gaze toward the door. Someone was in the hallway, wanting admittance. Venice looked afraid, and Deviant lifted his head.

“It will be my father. No one else visits me. I left him a message to contact me but not to come to my quarters.” He regretted having to pull out of her. He liked being buried inside her body, connected to her on such an intimate level. “Go use the cleansing unit. I’ve sweat on you. I’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.”

She moved fast for a human. He hated the fear that drove her to reach the cleaning unit quickly. He shouldn’t have told her there were seven males onboard but her being safe had been his priority. He stood and closed his pants. He touched the pad to be certain it was his father.


“Were you in the cleansing unit? I was about to override the lock to enter.”

He opened the door and stared at his father. “Come in.”

The elder cyborg stepped inside and Deviant sealed the doors just in case Venice didn’t wait for him to tell her it was safe. He turned, facing his grim-featured parent.

“You were always advanced with your learning skills but I gave you twelve hours for a reason, Deviant. Why don’t you return to the station until the end of the current shift? Our females are harsh critics. Passable skills won’t do. Most of them enjoy timed, short intercourse but I’ve heard some like to test a male on endurance. You need to learn to hold your seed until they say you can release. The sex bots will help you learn that skill, but you need to spend more time with them to do that. You’re naturally born, without the same implants I have. It means you’re unable to control your body functions as well as I can.”

The slight hum of the cleansing unit being turned on sounded. Mavo, his father, startled and glanced at it. “Is it malfunctioning?”

“It’s in use.” Deviant held his father’s confused stare. “I need your help.”

“You stole a sex bot?”


Mavo glanced at the unit, then back at Deviant. “I don’t understand.”

“She’s an Earther.”

Deviant anticipated his father would be surprised, but he hadn’t expected the male to stumble back a step. “What?”

“She’s being hunted. We made an deal. I am taking her with me and keeping her safe. In exchange, she has agreed to belong to me.”

“Hunted by whom?”

“The station owner. He contracted her to leave Earth to be his bride. She was hiding inside the brothel and approached me.”

“You helped the wife escape from him? Onto our ship?” Mavo paled.

“The marriage contract isn’t valid. He lured her into deep space with the illegal marriage contract to gain a forced sex worker.”

“You helped a slave escape?”

Deviant gave a slight nod. “I need your help smoothing things over. She is my property. I didn’t have time to contact the council to ask for permission and I doubt they would have given it. I know that was wrong, but I made the decision, regardless.”

“They wouldn’t have permitted you to take her.” Mavo seemed to get his surprise under control and blew out a deep breath. “She agreed to be your property? We don’t own Earthers on Garden anymore.”

“She’s agreed to be mine, with conditions. I don’t care what the council wants to call it but we have a verbal contract that she belongs to me.”

“What are the conditions?”

“No other males are permitted to touch her. I agreed.”

His father blinked a few times. “Other males… You are allowed to touch her?”

Deviant glanced at

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