Loving Deviant Page 17

she softly moaned.

“Does that feel good?”


“I want to touch you all over.”

“Go right ahead.”

“I should warn you of something.”

She stared into his eyes. “What is it?”

“Being a cyborg means I have stamina. I could fuck you a lot, Venice.”

She shivered as he lightly pinched her nipples. “That doesn’t scare me.”

“Good.” His hands slid down her ribs, over her stomach to her thighs. “I want to do you in every position I can think of.”

“I’m all for that.”

“I want to learn oral sex.”

“I’m really all for that.”

He chuckled. “I enjoyed you giving it, but it’s my turn.”

“Let me shower first. I want to get clean.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Starving. I haven’t eaten since whenever this morning was.”

“I’ll get you food while you use the cleansing unit. You will eat when I return with your meal, and afterward I want you spread out on my bed.”

“That sounds like a terrific plan.” His thumb brushed her clit and she arched her back. “I love you touching me.”

“Good. I’m going to be doing it a lot. We have a few days before we reach my home world.” He gripped her hips. “I’ll get you food. Use the unit.”

She climbed off his lap, hating to separate their bodies. Watching him scoot off the bed made her feel a little regret. Deviant naked was a great sight she wouldn’t grow tired of appreciating.

“Do you know how to use a cleansing unit?”

“Yes. I traveled to the Colton Station on a luxury cruise ship, and they have nice ones aboard them.”

“Those are expensive. At least from what I’ve heard.”

“My sister paid. She is well off.”

“What is her status on Earth?”

“She’s a regular person, but she married a guy who owns his own company. He makes shuttle parts and she works with him. They do a lot of business.”

“You really don’t work for Earth Government as a spy, do you?” He intently studied her eyes.

“I don’t.” She hesitated and glanced up where he’d returned the knife. “Do you want proof? It hurts but…you could slice my leg to see the interior. It will heal in a few minutes as long as the cut is clean.”

His eyes narrowed. “No. I could just borrow a scanner if I need proof of what you’ve said. I don’t want you to suffer.”

“Oh. Right. I didn’t think of that.”

He hesitated. “Go get clean. Take your time. I have to contact my father to tell him I’ve returned to my quarters. He wasn’t outside the automated brothel when we left but I admit, I wasn’t searching for him either. My priority was getting you to the ship.”

She turned and stepped inside the cleansing unit. The door automatically sealed her inside as she studied the controls. They were standard, from Earth, and she turned it on. Foam began to spray and she closed her eyes, spread her limbs, and allowed the machine to do its job.

The foam melted into water, dripped off her body, and she checked her hair to make sure it had gotten clean. She inhaled and realized she now smelled a little like Deviant. He had some kind of scented body foam inside his unit. She turned and one of the shelves slid open, a towel revealed. She smiled. It was a nice unit, as good as the one on the cruiser.

She began to dry and her arm almost hit the door she’d entered through. It automatically slid open.

The room was empty, Deviant gone. She stared across the room at the door. A shiver ran down her spine but it had nothing to do with being chilled from the water still on her body. He’d said there were seven cyborgs on his ship, all men, and she worried over what would happen if someone found out she was hidden inside his room.

He’d made it clear he hadn’t gotten permission to bring her aboard, since he’d said he was the only one who knew she were there. She would have to trust Deviant. Her luck with men had never been good, but so far he hadn’t lied to her. Fear spread through her at the thought of what would happen if he did turn her over to his crew.

She dried her body quickly, her mind made up to try her best to keep the cyborg happy. It would hopefully make him less inclined to share her. She was a survivor, quick on her new feet, and at some point she needed to figure out where to go when she’d repaid her debt to Deviant. Staying with

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