Craving Him Page 7

I helped him remove my clothing, kicking my panties from my legs in the most unladylike fashion.

Ben chuckled softly. It was obvious how needy I was for his touch. “Take this off, baby.”

I raised my arms to allow him to pull the sweater over my head.

Once he’d stripped me naked, he resumed kissing my thighs, working his way toward my center, but my hand on his shoulder stopped his progression.

“Ben . . . your clothes, too . . . off,” I murmured, disoriented.

“Baby, if I get naked with you, I don’t know how far things might go and I don’t want to push you.”

I didn’t care about him having restraint just then. The idea of having to use condoms didn’t stab at my heart the way it had the other day. “Take them off.”

Ben stood next to the bed, quickly shedding his clothes into a pile on the floor.

Standing in front of me, so tall and strong, Ben’s body provided an amazing view. His manhood was heavy and long and standing at attention for me. I reached out, wrapping my hand around him. His c**k was so warm against my palm and I stroked him slowly from base to tip, loving the solid feel of him. He was so thick that my fingers didn’t completely close around him.

A shuddering breath hitched in his throat. “Shit, baby, watching your little hand trying to jerk me off is the hottest thing ever.”

I added a second hand, pumping him firmly. I wanted to make him feel good, to be consumed with desire for me.

He groaned when my hands moved together over his sensitive head. “Ah, f**k baby.” His entire body tightened, his abdominal muscles contracting deliciously. His hand caught mine. “You gotta stop. You’re going to make me come.”

I looked up at him in wonder. He was truly so beautiful. “You don’t want to?”

“Not tonight. We’re going slow, remember?”

I nodded obediently. Me and my dumb rules. “But won’t you be, um, uncomfortable later?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it later. All I want to do is get you off. That’s it.” He leaned down and kissed my mouth. “No sex. And you don’t even have to touch me.”

I pouted, my bottom lip jutting out. “But what if I want to?” I whimpered. I reached for his thick erection again but Ben’s hand caught my wrist.

“No. This time’s all about you.” Ben gently shoved my shoulders back and I fell against the bed.

I was still soaking wet from his earlier attention, and Ben wasted no time rubbing my slickened sex. His index finger made slow, sweeping circles around my folds.

I whimpered when his finger finally made contact with my clit.

“That feel good, honey?” He pressed a kiss to the inside of my thigh. “Tell me, baby. Tell me this is what you want.”

“Yes, Ben, that feels good,” I panted, reaching for his length. “But I want you . . .”

He slid a finger inside me. “Not tonight. We’re waiting, remember?” His cocky grin begged me to disagree.

I moaned, both from frustration and pleasure.

Ben sunk to the bed, bringing his mouth in line with my navel, and slowly dragged his tongue down. I lifted my hips in the hopes of getting more contact with the glorious friction of his tongue. But he moved slowly, unrushed, gently kissing and nibbling my tummy.

Finally he settled where I needed him and kissed me tenderly, his warm mouth covering me. Within just moments of his skillful tongue sliding against me, I was done, finished, completely and utterly devastated. I came apart, loudly moaning his name.

Afterward, Ben tucked me in against his side, cocooning his body around mine, and held me while the aftershocks of my release pulsed through my body. I couldn’t help but notice he was still rock hard, but he didn’t complain. He seemed to have just what he wanted: me in his bed, wrapped up tightly in his arms.



I let Emmy sleep in while I prepared coffee, toasted bagels, and sliced some fruit. Perfectly timed, my beautiful girl came strolling out of the bedroom thirty minutes later. Just the sight of her, sleepy and walking toward me barefoot across my space, made my heart pump faster. She meant everything to me and I’d never risk losing her again.

Her hair was mussed, tangled, and sticking up in odd directions and she was dressed in a pair of my boxer briefs, which hung off her hips in a really sexy way, and an old tank top of mine I used for working out. She looked so f**kable. I wanted to tear the boxers down her legs and take her on the kitchen counter.


“Morning.” My voice came out strangled. I cleared my throat and tried again. “Hi.”

“Hi,” she returned, her voice whisper soft.

“Would you like some coffee?”

She nodded.

I poured her a mug of coffee and Emmy grabbed some plates for our breakfast. I liked being side by side with her in my kitchen. It felt very natural. I had my other half back.

“Do you have plans tonight?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I was just planning on looking for more jobs to apply to.”

“I was wondering if you’d come to an industry thing with me tonight.”

“An industry thing?”

“Yeah, it’s like a cocktail mixer for designers, photographers, and models. I should probably go for a little bit and I was hoping you’d be free to come with me.”

Emmy placed some sliced berries on her plate, keeping her eyes down. “Will Fiona be there?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

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