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She thought I wanted to take her to bed. She was right, but I wasn’t about to force her. “When I f**k you again, I told you . . . it’ll be because you’re begging for it.”

She whimpered and drew a shuddering breath.

Gliding my index and middle fingers into her mouth, Emmy sucked at them greedily, making my dick rise. Her eyes stayed on mine while her tongue drew circles around my digits. The gesture itself was innocent but we both knew what I wanted—to slide these fingers inside her hot, tight little opening.

I pulled my hand away and captured her mouth in a kiss. And not just any kiss. A tongue-probing-lip-crushing-I-want-to-fuck-you kiss. If she was going to turn me down, I would at least leave her with something to think about later. And her tingling lips and wet panties would ensure she’d be remembering me. Working my hand into the front of her pants, I pushed my fingers into her panties. Warm, soft, and wet. My dick lengthened and pushed against my zipper. “You say you don’t want to f**k, but this pu**y’s nice and wet for me, baby.”

Emmy groaned and buried her hands in my hair, pulling me back to her mouth. “No sex, Ben. Not yet.”

I wondered if she was waiting to hear the results from my STD test, which had come back negative, or if she was just . . . waiting for some unknown point in the future. I saw no point in waiting. I knew I loved her, knew I wanted to be with her, but if it was what she wanted, I would respect it. Even if I did tease her a little.

I circled her clit, eliciting a tiny whimper from her, but she didn’t stop me. I wondered if she’d use me for her orgasm and then leave. If that was the case, I had no problem with stroking my own dick until I came. I just wanted to touch her. To watch her get off.

Her hips pushed toward mine and when she felt my erection brush against her belly, a low moan tumbled from her parted lips. My fingers continued massaging her. Her pink cheeks and stuttering breaths told me she was close.

Suddenly aware we were still in the hallway, I ripped my hand free from her pants and hauled her inside my apartment. I would make damn sure no one got to hear Emmy when she came. Her moaning out my name was the best sound in the world. And only I was entitled to hear it.

Once we were back inside I didn’t allow Emmy the chance to change her mind. I needed to touch her like I needed my next breath. It had been too long. I’d prefer to watch her strip off her clothes piece by piece and let me kiss and taste her skin, but I’d settle for a quick orgasm if that was all I’d get from her tonight.

Unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down to her knees, I ripped the panties from her body, discarding the scrap of lace beside us on the floor. “Sorry. I hope those weren’t your favorite pair.”

She raised an eyebrow. She knew I wasn’t sorry. Not a bit.

I could smell the scent of her arousal, and my mouth watered to taste her. I pressed one hand flat against the wall next to her head and leaned closer to kiss her pretty mouth. Emmy returned my kiss; her warm tongue probing my mouth was the only encouragement I needed. I brought my free hand between us and found her silken folds. She was shaved bare. Just the way I liked it so that all her hot flesh was exposed to my touch.

With each sweep of my fingers over her clit Emmy groaned. Her breathing grew shaky and I knew she was close. I slid one finger inside her, pushing it in and dragging it out slowly.

“Bennn . . .”

My c**k responded to her husky voice, a warm droplet of fluid leaking from the tip.

When I felt her clench around my finger and begin to tremble I removed my hand and pressed both against the wall behind her, caging her in.

“Ben?” She was breathless. “I was about to . . .”

“I know.”

Her brows drew together. “Why’d you stop?”

It was a manipulative-asshole move but I needed her to understand our relationship was deeper than a quick romp against the wall in my entryway. Emmy needed to see that. And if she didn’t, I would show her. “Stay the night with me. I’ll happily finish this in my bed with you undressed beneath me.”

Her expression changed from one of passionate desire to confusion in a heartbeat’s time. “You’re denying my orgasm to con me into staying with you?”

“No, baby. Of course not.” My voice turned sweet, soft, and I stroked her cheek with my knuckle. “I want to give you everything and more. You just have to let me.”

She blinked up at me, thinking it over. Determination blazed in her eyes and her teeth sunk into her bottom lip. Emmy gripped my right wrist and brought my fingers into the warm cavern of her mouth, surprising me. She swirled her tongue and sucked at them in a way that had all my attention.

Then she slid my fingers from her mouth and lowered my hand to her still damp sex. Her little nub was swollen and distended and I knew she needed release, but I wouldn’t have imagined she’d demand it this way—to use my own fingers against me. But that was exactly what she was doing. I let my hand go limp, allowing her to move it as she wished. She pressed my fingers against her clit, rubbing the pads of my fingers in slow circles that quickly increased in pace as her body responded.

Tiny whimpers fell from her lips and her pelvis rocked forward in time with my hand’s movement.

As much as I’d wanted to prove a point between us tonight, I was powerless to remove my hand from her grip. Watching Emmy get herself off was insanely f**king hot. Her chest rose and fell with her quick inhalations until suddenly she sucked in a breath and held it, coming on my hand. I pushed two fingers inside her clenching sex muscles. She released a low moan, her body going limp as her orgasm subsided. I had never wanted to f**k her more, seeing this version of Emmy—confident, in control, and so sexual. It was maddening. I held her in place while little tremors pulsed through her limp body.

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